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Saturday, September 09, 2006

India - Trip Log - 09/09/06 – Halfway there!

This should be a brief and short post from the Frankfurt Airport here in Germany. (Known as the Flughafen Frankfurt am Main to the Germans) It is hard to believe I was just here back in May during out visit to Munich, Berlin, and Heidelberg just before the World Cup. The airport, which was under major construction back in May, is still under major construction now. And I am realizing this is only about 12 hours since my last post, but a lot of things are happening!

However, the flight was from the United States was quite enjoyable. Flying in business class on Lufthansa turned out great for the two of us coming from Los Angeles. The Boeing-747 that we flew on was considered a “long haul” jet, so that meant the seats in business class were the “lie flat” Recaro seats that are usually only First Class were on the plane. Also, there was a good personal entertainment system, so I did not plan my Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) much, instead choosing to watch Mission Impossible III (enjoyable, saw it in the theaters) and The Sentinel with Keiffer Sutherland (nothing to write home about). I was even able to catch some good sleep in addition to meeting a nice gentleman that was heading to Italy to check out some job prospects for an internal transfer at Boeing aircraft. It was his first time to Italy and he was checking it out before deciding to make the multi-year commitment and bring his family over.

Upon meeting up with the rest of my group in Frankfurt, I learned that those traveling out of San Francisco did not have the same fortunate Recaro seats that we had in Business Class. There were more of the standards of what you find here in the United States. I will make sure to count myself lucky on this leg. I wonder what the Bombay (Mumbai) leg will bring. Although I did learn that one member of our group loves the little “towels” you get in Business Class on take-off, before meals, and before landing. I sense this is going to become a fun theme for this trip.

Now that we’re caught up, and in Germany – I am on a mission to have two things on our short layover here in Frankfurt – Beer and Bratwurst. I would prefer to have an Augustiner Brau, but all we can find is Paulaner – so it will have to do. We have a quick bite to eat and then a couple beers at the central marketplace in the airport. One thing I have to remember on the way back is to go downstairs and shop for some Heidi Gummi Bears (Golden Bears). They are by far the best in the world and Ashley loves them – she will really give me a hard time if I do not come through for her.

We head back towards the gate and decide to check out the Lufthansa lounge in the airport terminal. We spent about 30 seconds in there and exited stage left almost immediately. The smoke was absolutely overwhelming. While this is my fourth visit to Germany, and I lived in Heidelberg for 4 months at one point – the smoke always gets to me. Otherwise, the lounge was nice with great beverages and food available.

Well, look like we will be boarding our flight in a few minutes here, so that is all for the post. Next time you hear from me, it will be from India!

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