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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

India - Trip Log - 09/12/06 – Our Second Day in Pune

This post will be be shorter, relatively speaking. This is day two here in Pune (Poona) and today was a lot like yesterday. A long car ride across the city of Pune to the outskirts -- although this time, it is back towards the highway on the "spur" that goes around the city.
One of the most interesting sightings on this today is the "Super Techie" billboard, advertising for job boards. Specifically, it was for technology jobs and it is the company "Dice" that has a large presence here in the United States for Technology jobs.

When we arrived to our vendor's facility, it was as impressive as anything you see here in the United States. Similar to yesterday, large building with a ton of granite and marble flooring and walls everywhere. At this particular vendor, a third main building was completing construction. Again, the need for infrastructure in the county was emphasized during our visit -- the power went out three different times during the day. The facilities themselves were not impacted by the power loss, each time their generators fired up appropriately -- it was still noticeable.

Tonight, we went to the Taj Blue Diamond Hotel here in Pune for dinner and it was quite and excellent experience. We ate at the Mystic Masala and the highlight of the evening was when one member of our party, who normally does not eat spicy foods tried a green chili. While it tasted like a cucumber at first, once the seeds broke the heat from the spice was hot and lasted about 30 minutes. I tried them as well, and although I like spicy foods -- they had a little burn to them. The other interesting taste at this dinner was the Sweet Paan -- Leaf-wrapped betel nuts, which is supposed to help with digestion. I was not a big fan of the betel nuts, these particular ones had a soapy sweet flavor. However, I tried them!

All-in-all, a pretty good day in Pune.