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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

India - Trip Log - 09/13/06 – Travel Day to New Delhi

Today was our bridge or travel day here in India. I am now in a suburb of New Delhi, called Noida -- east of the city. Noida is a city that was setup specifically for technology and new industry growth a few years back that included large tax incentives to the companies that established themselves in the city. For that reason, the city has had explosive growth over the past few years.

Getting to New Delhi was farily simple and problem free. We checked out of the Le Meridien in Pune and drove the hour or so to the airport, which is a shared military base. The airport was completely under-construction, and although we were flying business class on Jet Airways, the lounge was not much better than the waiting area. When I travel on business, I am highly organized, having helped to plan and coordinate much of the trip. However, when I arrived at the airport, I did not have my printed out eTicket. That provided a couple of stressful minutes, but the staff at the airport was able to resolve. Then, when going through security -- I still had a water bottle in my laptop backpack. Fortunately, the water bottle is not banned in India for travel. So, all I had to do was take a quick drink from the bottle and then I was allowed to go in.

On the plane, I ended up sitting next to the same person that I had flown from Frankfurt with was sitting next to me. It was very interesting that they were on the same basic schedule that we were on, even though the focus of their trip was slightly different. They worked for a division of IndyMac bank called "Financial Freedom" and they were observing their existing operations in India, and visiting the various cities in which they were. We said goodbye at the airport, and met our contact in New Delhi.

New Delhi is a completely different site from either Bombay (Mumbai) or Pune (Poona). The infrastructure is significantly more developed, and a novel idea -- lines on the roads. On our trip out to Noida, both the development of the roads and structures appeared to be more advanced and expanding quicker than the other cities.

We arrived at our hotel, the Radisson in Noida. After settling in, we met with our contact and went on a brief tour of the city, seeing the India Gate in the city. Finally, we went to a government sponsored shopping area to get a few souveneirs and other momentos from our trip.

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