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Friday, September 15, 2006

India - Trip Log - 09/15/06 - The Road Home

What a relief, the Lufthansa agent in New Delhi was wrong! Our Boeing 747 jet to Los Angeles is a long haul jet, which means.......lie flat Recaro seats. ;-) I am definitely happy. And because of that, this will be a short wrap up post because I am going to get some serious sleep.

I stayed awake on almost the entire flight from New Delhi to Frankfurt for one main reason. Our flight lands in Los Angeles arrives at just about noon. With correct timing of my sleep, I can manage to avoid any jet lag. It is about 10am here as we leave Frankfurt and I met my two goals in the Frankfurt airport. #1 Another German beer. The best in the world, hands down. #2 German (Heidi) Gummi Bears (Golden Bears) for Ashley. Ashley will be very excited at that four bags that I am bring. She's right, they are the best in the world!

Wrapping up this trip to India, here are a few thoughts and memories that I have.

  • Language: There was no visible language barrier for me in the cities I was in. Everyone I met (vendors, hosts, or random people) spoke very good English. In addition, most of signage everywhere were in English.
  • Hospitality: The service and hospitality of everyone we met was phenomenal.
  • Hope: A real sense of hope permeates people from all walks of like in India. They believe that the future of their county is now, and that they are well on their way to being the next world superpower.
  • Dichotomy: There is a huge discrepancy in incomes and living styles between the "haves" and the "have nots". And the gap appears to be widening in the society.
  • Infrastructure: In two of the cities I visited (Bombay & Pune), the infrastructure -- roads and buildings -- were extremely lacking and cannot support the populations. However, in New Delhi -- the problem was much more muted, and especially in cities like Noida -- do not even resemble a "3rd world country".

In all, my visit to India was impressive. I enjoyed it and would love to go back and spend some more time. The unfortunate thing looking back, that coming so far -- and being so close -- that we did not take the opportunity to visit the Taj Majal. I am sure I will have the opportunity to visit it some point in the future.

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