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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Errors & Frustration with Blogging -

Here we go, my first somewhat negative commentary on the world of blogging. Maybe I should be more specific - negative commentary on my experience with Let me tell you why - for the first time after having my own blog space since 2004, I actually decided to get serious about building a reasonable blog with the intention to keep it up to date. However, while I fiddle with all the settings and start making some first posts to see how they look, I start getting hit with what I am not calling the magical "001 Connection refusedblog" error. Any changes or publishings I try to make just keep getting rejected. My guess is that there is some infrastructure or new code rollout issue at that is causing the issue. Granted that this is a free service, it is still frustrating none the less. It seems to have been going on for about 18 hours from what I gather searching around here. Let's hope it clears up soon!