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Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Night Before the Draft

For anyone who knows me, there are two things that I absolutely love - Fantasy NBA Basketball and the Los Angeles Lakers! Once the NBA season begins, both of these "hobbies" consume a good amount of my time. Opening night is 10/31 and I cannot wait. The weeks between the end of the baseball and the beginning of basketball absolutely kill me.

In terms of the Lakers, I currently am on the season ticket waitlist - at some crazy number like 743 - after last year being over 1000! However, even the waitlist has its advantages and I was able to get what I consider to be good tickets for a few games this year.

However, I digress. Tomorrow is draft day for the world famous Cornerstone Conference Fantasy Basketball league. My great team, BioWaste - needs a serious name change, however it will remain BioWaste for the 2006-2007 season. BioWaste won the championship for 2004-2005, however struggled last year with the move to the Head-to-Head style league. It did not help that this league is not a keeper league like our Baseball League (Mid-Coast Conference). The real predictament that I am in right now is that I sit in the #2 draft slot From what I take on the curent state of Basketball, the only clear #1 draft pick is the "King" himself, Lebron James. Beyond that, it seems the #2 pick is pretty much up for grabs between Garnett, Kobe, & Dirk. Given my love for the Lakers, I find little choice in that slot to take Kobe, "bum knee" and all.

The predicament is that in basketball - I would prefer to be a low first round pick like #'s 8-10 so I could pick up a Dwayne Wade and Gilbert Arenas in a quick swoop. However, there are some great 18-22 picks that I can hopefully grab depending on how our draft goes.

I am currently attempting to trade down, does anyone have advice for me?