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Saturday, October 28, 2006

USC blows the BCS, the Ten Tenors

Not that I am surprised with the team this year, but USC's loss today to OSU 33-31 still brings disappointment. Not quite as bad as watching powerless in the stands as Texas' Vince Young went into the end zone in the Rose Bowl last year, but painful none the less. Nor should I be at all suprised given the last three performances by this squad - barely winning against Washington, Washinton State, and Arizona State.

This team has yet to fill the shoes of being the perennial powerhouse that it has developed into, indicative by the fact that going into the game the team had only had one touchdown play longer than twenty yards, that was on a trickery play. Still, when it came down to it Sunday - USC should have come out victorious against the Beavers from Oregon State. The Trojans darn near pulled it off.

Then again, you simply cannot win when you have four turnovers and the other team has zero. In fact Chauncey Washington just dropped the ball a couple of times with no explainable reasons, and Booty threw an interception in the end zone. The Trojans just handed out points like they were treats on Halloween night. None the less, with 7 seconds left on the clock, USC had a chance to tie up the game on a 2-point conversion to force an overtime. However, with the deflected pass - everything ended:

  1. In the seat for the BCS title
  2. 38 regular-season wins
  3. 27 straight Pac-10 wins
  4. 18 straight road wins
  5. 18 straight wins in October
  6. 13 straight Pac-10 road wins

Well, it did have to end sometime - I was just hoping it they could make it through the PAC-10 to setup a major showdown with Notre Dame again. The good news is that the Ticket Reserve prices for USC in the BCS are somewhat reasonable again. I might grab a couple of FanForwards for only $25 or so. These were over $400 just earlier in day. Not sure what crazies were paying that kind of money, but it was WAY too early in the season with Oregon and Cal coming into town soon. If USC is going to get back into this BCS thing, they are going to have to dominate like it was 2004. To do that, the defense is going to have to make a play which they have not done all year and USC will need to find some sort of running game - 96 yards will not cut it.

However, although the majority of the post is based on the frustrations of the game, all did not end badly today. Ashley and I headed down to the Pantages Theater in Hollywood to see the Ten Tenors in "concert". The reason for the quotes is that we were not sure what to really expect from the show -- comedy, theater, concert, etc. -- on the show that was included in or season ticket package. We walked away very impressed with the performance and were glad we made the trip down to Hollywood rather than selling the tickets on eBay. This group has a lot of talent and has earned all of the accolades they have received. There are still tickets available for the Los Angeles shows. If you have the chance, they are worth checking out!