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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Do Something

Welcome to my blog. Some Life.

The concept is just beginning and is sure to go under a lot of development and changes over the coming days, weeks, and months. This is the first site I have put together in quite awhile and is sure to grow, focus, and evolve. Into what exactly, I am not sure yet.

This beginning has been a long time in the making -- getting started is always hard part. For the better part of a year I have talking and thinking about putting this together. However, there was always a higher priority that "demanded" my attention.


Clay Aiken said...

Your adventures are truly wonderful!! What a special creature you are, to live and to learn, to feel and to see, all that the Creator of the Universe has endowed us with, a wonder to behold!! You have inspired me to truly seize this day, today, and to remind myself of what I've known since a child, that "a man who loves is a man indeed, but a child who loves is greater than both, a truly special creation, not to be trampled on, but to be held and cared for, as only a child can"!! This I truly and honestly believe!! Wonderful!!