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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Finally Found the Nintendo Wii – Thanks to!

To say that I was somewhat distracted by the Playstation 3 (PS3) release would be a slight understatement. If I would have had my wits about me, I would have insured I was able to get a Nintendo Wii on launch day. In fact, I happened to be at Best Buy in Thousand Oaks while they were handing them out on Saturday, November 19th. Had I jumped in line, I may have been able to get one.

Oh well, fast forward today. Since the day of launch, I have been keeping a close eye online for another release of Wiis. Yes, there have been a few additional brick & mortar opportunities, but they are a real pain in the rear. In fact, last Sunday morning, I drove by that same Best Buy just before 7am in the morning on our way to breakfast and noticed the line for the “guaranteed 12 in stock” was already around the corner.

So, I have continued to monitor various websites and finally today, I was able to bag a Nintendo Wii bundle from Walmart. Yes, everyone knows that bundle is seriously over-priced, since Walmart REQUIRES you to purchase 8 games with the initial bundle -- what a rip-off and margin padding scam applied by Walmart. The trick now will be to return the games to Walmart and just retain the console. Should be some serious fun coming up with Walmart

However, I left out one huge credit to my ability to score the Nintendo Wii. Over the weekend, I ran into a post on an forum that recommended a website called that put together a pretty nice Email/RSS notifier for when one of three products come into stock – it checks for the Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, and the TMX Elmo. I must give serious kudos to Justin the Webmaster @, as his tool notified me immediately. I hit the link in his notification almost instantly and the Wii was able to be ordered. Hopefully Justin’s tool will be able to help me pull off a PS3 before the holidays are up. Thanks Justin.

For any who want to try out Justin’s notifier, check out -- I hope Justin is setup with some affiliate programs on his links!