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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Getting my hands on the elusive PowerShot G7.....

Now that I have a Canon PowerShot G7 on order with Dell, I wanted to try and actually get my hands on one before it arrived. I went to a number of local spots and nobody seems to have one available on display; not Ritz Camera, not Fry's Electronics, not Best Buy. So, after driving around for the better part of an afternoon - the conclusion I reached is the first one I will see when it arrives at my door. Has anyone else been able to have hands on this camera?

This brings up and interesting point - how could I choose a camera without testing it out first? Especially a camera like the PowerShot G7 with a relatively lofty price tag of $599. While it may seem like a difficult question, it is actually pretty simple. The first reason is that given the ability to sell a relatively mint condition new camera on like the G7 on eBay is relatively easy. In fact, with the Dell discounts - it might be possible to come out ahead and have a true FatWallet moment. That greatly lowers the risk and concern when selecting such a camera.

However, it is important to understand why I like this particular camera. Truth be told, I was hoping that Canon would continue the S80 line - but nothing seems to be imminent. The two features that really killed the deal on the S80 was the lack of both Optical Image Stabilizer Technology and the DIGIC III processor. Those two advancements, plus the 10.0 megapixel feature really sold me on the camera. Despite what some user comments say on reviews out there like the one you will find on CNET - the missing RAW mode is not a deal killer nor does not take away from the appeal and quality of the remaining features of the camera. I cannot wait until it arrives!

On an accessory notes, there have been extremely good deals on SD Memory cards for cameras like the PowerShot G7. In fact, this weekend I picked up a Kingston 2GB SD card for $19 from Fry's Electronics in Oxnard.