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Friday, November 03, 2006

Taking a Beating

I can be a sucker for pain -- sometimes. To that end, I "play" soccer in an indoor soccer league in Camarillo, California called At The Playground Entertainment Park. I play for two different teams that the company I work for, Digital Insight sponsors. The first "B" league team, but for grins there is no "A" league. The second is a "30+" league.

Thursday nights are when the "B" league games are. To give you a little flavor for our league and our team, realize first that as I mentioned -- there is no "A" league. The "B" league has 14 teams, many of which are made up of guys who played college ball at local colleges like CLU (Cal Lutheran). Then, there is our team. We're generally made up of weekend warriors and some guys who have not played soccer in 10 years or ever played organized ball. So, there is little chance that anyone will mistake any of us for England's Wayne Rooney, Spain's Fernando Torres, or even USA's Landon Donovan.

This brings us to last night -- I generally show up for our games 30 minutes early to watch the game before us, just to see how the other teams are playing. In this particular game, it was a relatively close game with less than two minutes left when everything broke lose. After a great series of plays by the keeper, the player attempting to score decided to spit in the goalie's face. Those two proceeded to square off and then everyone entered into the fracas. For some unknown reason, there were 10 or so friends (not players) from the team of the guy who spit sitting in the reserve player area. They also ran onto the field and tried to mix it up with the other team. Punches were thrown, cheap shots were taken, and even some blood was spilled. Next thing you know the owner of the complex is on the field pepper-spraying people. In the end, one team and its players should be banned permanently from the league as this is the 2nd time in a month they have had players behave in this manner. There is no place for that behavior in league like this. More to come on this, I am sure.

Oh, yeah and we played our game as if it did not happen. We lost 13-5 or something like that -- pretty much par for the course for us -- but we had some serious fun. We're improving and look to this season or next to get our first win.