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Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Anatomy of an eBay Scam – Resolved –- Part II

Well, what do you know – I am hoping this will be the last in this long series of posts that has gone on much longer than I anticipated. I am happy to FINALLY (hopefully) report that I did receive my refund of $289.00 from my camera purchase on eBay from the seller. Absolutely unexpected, but on Thursday, a United State Postal Service money order in the total amount showed up in the mail. I was able to cash it, so it does not appear that it was forged. Good news.

What it came down to, is that the seller was concerned that either legal or police action would come down on them if I did not receive the refund. This person only resides approximately 60 miles from where I live, which most likely added to the concern. In the end, based on the content of emails and the mail, this may just be a kid.

Still outstanding is the $289.00 that was fraudulently sent to me from someone else’s PayPal account. PayPal is still investigating, whatever that means – and have requested the string of emails so they can piece it together. PayPal has put the amount on hold in my account, and I cannot refund it at this time, even though I would like to – since the money is not rightfully mine. We will see what the outcome is.

In this holiday season, full of eBay scammers, PayPal frauds and others, happy eBaying and be careful! Look on the bright side, I could have been caught in a Nintendo Wii or Playstation 3 (PS3) scam!


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