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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Flipper Nation -- Check it out!

Just a short post on show called "Flipper Nation" -- a series of short episodes that track the lives of two a couple of guys trying to making their "fortune" by flipping homes in the crazy Los Angeles real estate market. The first episode tells the story of the character's first house "flip" and how they made $75 (not $75k) on it after several weeks of work.

There are some definitely some great laughs and some uncomfortable situations. I think my favorite line from the episode goes something along the lines of "waiting for markets being exploited before jumping in." This, I believe rings true for many of us a few times in our lives. Given the recent markets here in Los Angeles and Ventura county, as well as soaring median prices -- I am sure more than a few people find themselves in this situation -- show or not!

Anyways, here is the first Episode -- check out for the latest!

Flipper Nation: The First Flip

There's more where this came from at:
If you cannot view this video, you can check it out at YouTube instead.

Disclaimer: Yes, I am a little partial to the humor in the show. Ashley and I went to Pepperdine University with "David Kimball" (Alec McNayr). In fact, Alec was in the same fraternity as me -- Psi Upsilon (Lamda Omega Sigma). Check out the video and support them!