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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Milestone Reached!

The "Some Life" blog reach quite a significant milestone on Tuesday, December 19th. That milestone was passing 50 unique visitors during that day. What does that mean? I am not sure, but here are some thoughts:

About Some Life: This blog is really an experiment for me that started on October 28th, 2006. Yes, I know that I am late to the blog party. ;-) It is really about having a place to test out ideas, practice writing and share experiences that are important to me -- and hopefully relevant to you as well.

Back Posting: It's really tough to do. Not in the way that it is technically hard to figure out though. Rather, it is hard to catch up in addition to producing new content and thoughts. My goal, before the end of the year is to create blogs for some of the fun experiences Ashley and I had this year including our trips to: The BCS Championship Rose Bowl, Vacation to Germany, Vacation to New York, and our Vacation to Disney World with my parents. The last of which is "partially" completed.

Google Adwords: Google AdWords is a pretty nifty tool. This should not be a surprise to anyone, but I have been relatively happy with it. I need to work on the conversion rate. Visit a few of the sponsors and see how relevant they are to you.

Google Search: It takes a little over 30 days for a site you submit to Google to show up there in any meaningful way. Early on, it can be discouraging when you are posting content and nobody is showing up to read it. Persevere and keep with it, it does take time -- even in this world of instant gratification. It is also worth noting that beginning this week, Yahoo! searches began appearing.

Blogger Beta: The good thing is that it makes it easy to get started. The bad thing is that unless you want to dive into the world of programming and layouts, it can be a struggle to build the site as you want it. There are several things that I am looking to do that I have not been able to accomplish yet. However, it is a free service -- how can one complain?

Driving Traffic: I have attempted a few things, including using my "MySpace" profile as a means to drive traffic to the site. I will expand on this in the future, but right now I have just started testing, and Google Search seems to be the most effective.

A Polluted Blogsphere: There is a lot of blog trash out there. I personally, have encountered a lot of Blog Spam or Comment Spam depending on what perspective you take. 2007 seems to be the time when people anticipate it will reach its peak, especially as one article recently mentioned, certain web spam rings based out of Utah are generating $70k/month in AdWords type revenue.

Stay tuned, a lot more to come!