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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Alex Tew scam

As I have mentioned in this blog, I glance at the traffic generated by my postings on a pretty frequent basis. And occasionally, I come across some pretty funny searches that I like to mention in some posts. For instance, take the subject of this post.

A few of weeks ago, I posted about my recent disappointment with Alex Tew’s “launch” of Pixelotto, a somewhat tired idea based on the smash hit success of his million dollar homepage site. In the days following, I received a few search hits, as people are following his pixelotto site to track the progress of his newest venture. Then, this week, I had a couple of hits on the “Some Life” blog based on the search for the text “Alex Tew scam” linking to my site.

I decided, that based on that search that there were some interesting happenings going on with Alex’s new website, Pixelotto. So, I turned to my trusty friend Google to see what this was about. My Googling turned up some pretty interesting articles.

The basics are that it appears there are many folks that are pretty unhappy with the whole situation with Pixelotto. These people fall into a couple of categories.

The first are a number of folks that believe the concept behind Pixelotto based on regulations in the UK among other locations may be considered illegal. Unfortunately, I am no legal expect – especially in things England or United Kingdom – so I will refrain from commenting.

The second and what should be more concerning for Alex are that more people are under the impression that they were mislead by the promotion sale of pixels on the site. In addition, apparently there are inconsistencies in the world of refunds. It appears that a few people have been refunded by Alex based on their requests, but others have not been. It gets as bad as some turning to PayPal to file a complaint / dispute on the charges. (good luck with that) For the most part, everyone has been rejected because their complaint was based on in tangible goods.

My opinion is that these persons asking for a refund have no claim – they are just disappointed in the performance of the site thus far. Either that, or folks are somewhat jealous of what Alex was able to accomplish and are posting what amounts to personal attacks on him in a few open letters out there. In terms of Pixelotto, Alex appears to have met his obligations.

Still, Alex has public relations and credibility issues to deal with as the blogsphere publishes and both articles and comments attacking his integrity. Hopefully it can be dealt with as skillfully as the public relations machine he created before did.

At last check, the Pixelotto jackpot sat at $140k and some change; where it has been sitting for several weeks. It appears that the venture’s opportunity to take advantage of the past success is waning.

The unfortunate side of things is that Alex Tew is in a pretty difficult position. Yes, he made a million dollars plus with his However, because it such a success and was hyped by the media – all future expectations for Alex are artificially high. So, for those to expect Pixelotto to be as large of a success – they are destined to be disappointed. In essence, Alex won the lottery (no pun intended) with his last venture. Expecting him to do the same thing again based on a slight twist on an 18-month old concept is foolish.

I am sure this is not the last venture we will see from Alex; hopefully his next will be as successful as his first. Is Alex a Mark Cuban in the making? Who knows.


Rodrigo Scama said...

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