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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Andrew Bynum: Tuck in Your Shirt!

We just got done watching the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Phoenix Suns on Christmas day from my parents house. The Lakers performance was awesome -- what many of us thought could be the start of something great. Before all of the trade nonsense that happened this past summer.

Andrew Bynum sloppy dress - shirt untucked on Christmas day - Lakers vs. Suns at Staples Center
A little earlier than many expected, Andrew Bynum is turning into a force on the basketball court -- the kind of teammate and inside presence that Kobe Bryant needs to lead this team back to the playoffs with an opportunity to win. The recent trade for Trevor Ariza also has help -- bringing the former UCLA Bruin back to his hometown.

The only problem in the game? A sloppily dressed Andrew Bynum. (pictured above) His shirt, which hangs down to his knees was untucked and hanging out throughout the game. So, my only message to the Lakers after that game is -- Andrew, tuck in your shirt!