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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

APR vs. Neuspeed vs. GIAC - ECU upgrade for an Audi A4 2.0T FSI

Upgrading the ECU on my Audi A4 2.0 TFSI is something that I have been thinking about for quite some time. "Chipping" or a "Chip" upgrade for the B7 Audi A4 (2005, 2006, 2007) can add a significant amount of horsepower (increase of at least ~32 hp to 232hp) on the 2.0L turbo engine. In addition, with recent direct port programming (OBDII diagnostic port) -- you can upgrade the software on your Audi A4 without having to remove and ship the ECU, thus disabling your vehicle briefly.

Now that my A4 is closing in on 15,000 miles I am seriously considering moving forward with the software upgrade, after that service. The interesting part now is deciding where to go for the ECU upgrade.

Through my research, I have come across two manufacturers that seem to be the most advanced and respected in terms of Audi development and performance. The two manufacturers are APR Tuned and Neuspeed. Both companies produce a number of tuning products including suspension, exhaust, and software upgrades. Here are the main points from their websites to consider:

APR Tuned:
The ECU upgrade from APR seems to offer the most features in terms of an ECU upgrade. Not only can you have it set for a standard premium gasoline of 91 Octane chipped, but you can also have it set for 93 Octane chipped, Fault Code Erase / Throttle Body Alignment (FCE/TBA), Anti-Theft, and Security Lockout. Of main interest to me is the performance increase at the 91 Octane Chipped setting, as I will never look for 93 Octane. The dyno from APR is displayed on the right for 93 Octane. For the 91 Octane chipped, the increase is to 232hp / 273lb-ft of torque with the ECU upgrades. Their ECU upgrade promises improved throttle response which has been an occassional problem I have seen on my stock 2.0T A4. Additionally, APR has had some recent press this month on some seriously tuned VW (Volkswagon) GTi vehicles. The cost for the ECU upgrade is $599.00.

Neuspeed does not offer quite the level of information and research online that I was able to find with APR. However, the basics according to their site are the Engine Management Upgrade suggests and increase of engine horsepower to an impressive 257hp and 308lb-ft of torque. Unfortunately, a link to the dyno mentioned on the product page does not exist, so I cannot provide additional information. The cost for the Neuspeed is $100 less at $499.00

At this point, I have not decided on which product to go with. I have ran into a couple of people familiar with the Neuspeed chips, but not the APR ones. However, I could still use some additional information from the folks at Neuspeed before making a final decision.
My research is still pending for GIAC.

Has anyone used either of these products?

What are your experiences with either?


leskaPaul said...

Hi there! I'm seriously considering the APR ECU upgrade. Have you tried it out yet?

Ken Hanscom said...

Unfortunately I have not yet. I am ticking up towards my 15,000 mile service on the A4 -- and I wanted to wait until that. Most likely I will be trying one out in April.

Right now, although I am still waiting on additional information I am leaning towards the Neuspeed chip. Based on some conversation with people, including my dealer -- they have mentioned that the APR is a little over aggressive in their opinion and could result in problems down the road.

However, I have not seen any facts to substantiate that yet.

Rafael said...

I had an APR ECU upgrade on my GTI 1.8T, I thought it was great, never had any problems with it and I put about 30,000 miles on the car with the chip. And well, that thing could move once the ECU flash was done.
I'm taking delivery of my 2007 Jetta GLI on Monday and I think I'll chip it down the road as well. Probably APR again since its a bit easier for me to get their program because of where I live. There is also REVO that you may want to look into...

Anonymous said...

Any luck on finding more info on GIAC and Neuspeed? I own a 2006 MkV GLI and am looking to "chip" my car soon.

Ken Hanscom said...

I ended up deciding on getting the Neuspeed ECU upgrade based on a number fo factors. You can read about it more in this article.

Anonymous said...

Alrighty here it is people. I have an 07 GTI 2.0T and I've put the Neuspeed flash. How do I put this without exageration. OH MY GOD!! It tears the road up. Every single gear has insane power and the only problem is staying reasonable above/near speed You'll kick yourself for not have doing it sooner, guaranteed.