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Friday, September 29, 2006

Disney World - Trip Log - Day 6

Our 6th day here at Walt Disney World was my favorite. I make no secrets about the fact that Epcot Center (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) is my favorite Disney Park. So, as you might have guessed, Day 6 was spent almost entirely at Epcot Center; split between Future World and World Showcase.

Our day once again started out with a quick bite to eat at the Old Port Royale here at the Caribbean Beach Resort. I have come to like the little food court they have here. And the good thing is that if you are an early riser like us, it is empty!

Leaving the resort, it was the normal amount of bus mayhem to get over to Epcot Center. However, once we got to Epcot, everything was good. The rides of interest in Future World and our opinions of them include:

  • Spaceship Earth. A great journey through the Epcot Ball through the history of communications until now.
  • Test Track. Ashley and I were pretty proud of ourselves that we convinced my mom to go on the ride given her resistance to most roller coasters (Big Thunder Mountain is pushing it for her). However, she rode it like a trooper, and even though the acceleration around the outside of the track surprised her -- it was a great ride.
  • Mission: Space. I choose the easy (green) route. I am usually pretty tolerant but given the stories coming out of the attraction from the first few weeks, I thought it was better to be safe than sorry. In the end, it was not all that intense and I will make sure to try out the orange and difficult route.
  • The Land. Oddly, this may be my favorite ride at Epcot Center. It is simply because of the hydroponics. I like the innovation and testing that they show, and the options they give us to one day have crops that need less water. In addition, the fisheries are used to produce fish that are used in may of the restaurants at Walt Disney World.
  • Soarin'. Basically a copy of "Soaring over California" at Disney's California Adventure. It is a fun ride, although the line in Florida was exceedingly long -- about an hour and a half. Quite a long wait for that ride.
  • Innoventions. We spent a couple of hours in here having a grand old time. While we did not try the Segway Human Transporter (long story), but many of the other attractions were great. "Where's the Fire?" was our favorite.

After spending our morning in Future World, we headed over to the good old USA in the World Showcase to eat at the Liberty Inn for a counter top on the now famous Disney Dining Plan. The best part was that shortly after lunch, the early opening for the "Food and Wine Festival" at Epcot Center started which means about 70 or so different countries were added to the World Showcase for this special event. As we meandered through the various countries we were able to take part in tasty foods and drinks from each region. Great fun!

Then, dinner time came around. Probably, the only disappointment for something we really wanted to do. The Le Cellier steakhouse in the World Showcase is one of the best restaurants at Disney. This is especially the case when you consider the meals that only count as one table service meal on the Disney Dining Plan. We had tried for several months to get reservations without success and were hoping that walking up when Le Cellier opened would get us into the restaurant. To make a long story short, the downside of the Disney Dining Plan and the promotion that gave everyone who went when we did a free dining plan was that the Le Cellier was way overbooked. So, unfortunately we had to move on.

We ended up eating at the "Cantina de San Angel" in Mexico -- and it was a pretty good meal while we enjoyed the sunset over the lagoon. Shortly after dinner, we enjoyed Illuminations for our 3rd time, albeit from a different view from the side nearest to Future World.

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