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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

First Impressions - Resistance: Fall of Man

I am currently in the midst of playing Sony's Resistance: Fall of Man for the Playstation 3 (PS3). This is the 2nd first person shooter game that I have played recently, having just completed Activision's Call of Duty 3. My initial impressions are that while Call of Duty 3 was a pretty good game, Resistance: Fall of Man is more complete game. The graphics and gameplay are amazing, and the artificial intelligence (AI) used by the enemies (Chimera) that you are going up against is much better, and I am currently in the midst of playing it on the "normal" level.

As with most of these type of games, I generally started it off on "easy" mode to make sure to have some good fun without getting too frustrated. Interestingly, the first scene seemed to be the hardest for me to complete on that mode. Some of it was that I was not used to the weapons, but the fact that you do not recover your health until you are infected by the Chimera definitely makes a big difference. Once you complete the game on easy, additional weapons are made available to you.

In fact, the weapons are probably one of the best parts about the game, both the uniqueness and diversity of them. Here's the complete list, compliments of wikipedia:

  • Auger: A Chimeran developed weapon that acts like a heavy-penatrating assault rifle that fires energy blasts. These energy blasts can burrow through solid objects, to impact those behind cover, thus negating cover. The shots increase in power as they move through barriers. The bolts slow down as they move through objects, and a spark of light can be seen, warning potential victims that their cover has been breached. The alternate fire of the Auger is to put down a translucent energy shield that cannot be penetrated by any weapon except the Auger itself.
  • Bullseye: A relatively standard assault weapon developed by Chimera. The twist of the weapon is its alternate fire: the tag. By firing a tag, bullets now home in on the tag. This allows smart players to hit the enemy, then hide in cover, bending their bullets around cover to still hit enemies. Firing the Bullseye into a wall or object, however, creates a potential 'Bullseye-Bomb'. Bullets will home into the target, and swarm about to form a sphere of bullets. You can then fire it at an enemy, and the swarm of bullets will track down the locked-on enemy. If bullets remain in the swarm when the enemy dies, the swarm will hover in the air, until the Bullseye is fired again.
  • Bullseye Mark II: A more powerful form of the Bullseye that has a bigger power pack and fires stronger blue energy bullets instead of the red ones.
    L23 Fareye: A human weapon, the Fareye is a sniper rifle. While aiming through the scope, the game simulates heightened reflexes by slowing down time while the player can aim normally. The Fareye is available for multiplayer, but the ability to slow down time is not included.
  • XR-003 Sapper: The Sapper is a unique weapon which is said to be reverse-engineered from Chimeran technology, and produced by humans. It fires unstable sticky 'goo-balls', which explode when someone moves nearby. The balls can stick together, even creating chains that dangle from the roof. The alternate fire is used for manual detonation.
  • XR-005 Hailstorm: The Hailstorm is Resistance's take on the minigun. Its rapid storm of fire can ricochet from walls, increasing its lethality in confined combat. Its alternate fire converts the remaining contents of the clip into a turret that auto-targets and fires at enemies.
  • L209 LAARK: The LAARK rocket launcher is unique in that its primary fire releases a singular powerful rocket, but its secondary fire is able to spread its contents into a number of miniature rockets. The weapon can also be slowed down, and even stopped mid flight. And whilst paused, its trajectory can be modified, to fire around corners, or over barricades. This weapon is available for online play.
  • M5A2 Carbine: The M5A2 Carbine is the standard issue human assault rifle with a 40 mm grenade launcher attachment. It bears some resemblance to the M1 Garand rifle, Browning Automatic Rifle, and an FN FAL, but it uses much larger detachable magazines and a different stock. The receiver and magazines are similar to those of a Browning Automatic Rifle. It is perhaps most similar to the SOCOM 16 (a shortened version of the Springfield Armory M1A), albeit with a different stock.
  • Rossmore 236: The Rossmore 236 is the basic shotgun. It can be fired single barrel or double barrel.
  • Reaper: A weapon that is a new twist on an old standby: dual-wielding pistols. While most games have both pistols aimed in the same direction, the Reapers are capable of independent firing. Consider R1 the right hand and L1 the left hand. When both buttons are depressed, the reticle splits off into two individual reticules. Your hands sweep the area, and a modest auto-lock from each pistol will then latch onto whatever enemy crosses its path. This is great for taking on lots of small Chimera. This weapon is only acquired after beating the game once.
  • L11-2 Dragon: The L11-2 Dragon is a standard flamethrower. Its alternate fire has been labeled as a vapor cloud. The vapor cloud releases a cloud of flammable gas that the player can hold L1 to make larger, and when L1 is released, the gas is set aflame and is shot in the direction the player is facing. The fire burns a long time similar to napalm, and is quite effective in killing certain enemies. This weapon is only acquired after beating the game once.
  • Arc Charger: The Arc Charger is a high-powered gun used by elite Chimeran soldiers. It shoots a bolt of lightning. The alternate fire allows said lightning to arc to nearby enemies. This weapon is only acquired after beating the game once or playing multiplayer. It's function seems to resemble the Tesla Claw from Ratchet & Clank fame.
  • Splitter: Similar to Ratchet & Clank's RYNO, the Splitter shoots a salvo of rockets. It's secondary fire splits the rockets into a wall of smaller rockets. Both can fires be directed, much like the LAARK. This weapon is only acquired after beating the game once.
  • Grenade: An average fragmentation grenade.
  • Hedgehog: The Hedgehog is the Chimeran grenade. When deployed the Hedgehog will launch upwards and explode, hurling spikes in every direction.
  • Air Fuel Grenade: Much like the name implies, this grenade is a type of fuel-air explosive that releases and then ignites a cloud of flammable vapor to burn enemies. The grenade also has the ability to stick to surfaces and enemies; much like some grenades in several other first-person shooters.
  • Backlash Grenade: This grenade releases a energy "bubble" around where it lands. This bubble constantly damages any enemies caught inside and repels their shots back at them.

I'm now working my way through the game on "Normal" mode which definitely has added difficulty to moving through the game. Thus far, I have found the Cathedral scene to be the toughest, dying several times while the hundreds of scorpion-like Chimera come down the columns.

Have you played Resistance: Fall of Man? If not, I highly recommend you check it out!