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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Flipper Nation is Back with Episode 3 - The Flippin' Fight

Flipper Nation is back and they have their third installment of their home & real estate flipping satire series. In this episode, Richie and David have a little wrestling match and the action takes from there. The story continues to explore how Richie and David look for their "next" house to flip having just made $75 on their last one. The "team" the real-estate moguls, their landscaper Raphael and contractor Randy are prepping for their next purchase. I cannot wait to see what house they end up with.

As I mentioned before, I get a real kick out of this series -- mainly from my own experiences in real estate and the current state of craziness here in Los Angeles and Ventura counties over the past couple of years. The first episode is still my favorite, but once they get their next house -- I think we are all going to really enjoy that!

The episode is embedded below, be sure to check it out!

Flipper Nation
Episode 3: The Flippin' Fight

There's more where this came from at:

If you cannot view this video, you can check it out at YouTube instead.