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Saturday, January 06, 2007

PSP LCD Replacement Guide - Tutorial on how to repair and replace a broken PSP LCD screen - with Video!

A few months back, I posted about my experience in repairing a broken Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) LCD Screen. Since that time, hundreds of interested people have visited my blog looking for more detailed information. I have found that several other sites have recently shut down or there are a lot of sites do provide inadequate information to do the job right, and finally several folks want to charge you $10-$20 for a guide to do the repair. Your other option of course, is to send your PSP into Sony and have them charge you over $100 plus shipping. Doing it yourself should cost you less than $40.

Update: Video of PSP LCD Replacement now included below!

So, in response to the visits and questions -- I am putting together a quick guide and tutorial on how to do that. This guide will be updated to include more detail over time, and eventually become a step-by-step with pictures. For now, it will be pretty high-level -- but detailed enough for you to complete the job.

Let me start off by saying that the instant you start to undo the first screw on your Sony Playstation Portable (PSP), your warranty with Sony is void. However, if you call and tell Sony that you have a broken LCD, they will immediately flag your account and declare your warranty void anyways. So, in most cases you are in a no-lose situation -- because you have effectively already voided your warranty by breaking the PSP LCD screen.

Ok, now we can get started on the guide. Here is what you are gonig to need to complete the job:

  • Replacement Sony PSP Screen with backlight. You can get parts that are just screens that you need to install the backlight in and use your current backlight or buy a complete LCD with backlight. Spend the extra couple of dollars and buy one with backlight, you will not regret it. Where should you buy your LCD Screen? A couple of options, you can follow the reputable advertisers on this page to their site by clicking. Or, you could give eBay a shot -- most vendors are international.
  • Precision Screwdriver Set. If you do not have a small precision screwdriver set for eyeglasses or other small electronic, spend the $5 at Home Depot. Otherwise, you run a great risk of stripping out the screws on your Sony PSP while you try repair your broken LCD screen.

Now we can get started on the repair.

  1. Layout the parts and screwdrivers and let everything come up to room temperature. For those of us who live in warm weather climates, this is not a big deal. However, if your garage is much colder or the parts are not at similar temperatures you could have issues in some circumstances.
  2. There are six screws that you need to take out in order to open up your PSP case. Two of them are hidden underneath the battery. Before you can get to them, you must remove the black strip of tape near the bottom of the compartment. This is the warranty tape, removing it will expose the last two screws.
  3. Carefully separate the plastic casing for your PSP by removing the top cover on your PSP and set it aside. This should separate very easily. If you have troubles removing it, there is still a screw left on your PSP.
  4. Using a small, flat precision screwdriver (exacto knife may also work), pry the metal edges of the silver screen assembly from the LCD screen. The LCD should pop out, but the cables should still be attached by the clips.
  5. Fold the screen down to expose the connections to the clips. Carefully release the clips from the front by gently lifting them with a flat-head screwdriver. Be extremely careful not to break the clips by applying too much pressure. A broken clip is the only thing that will require you to send your PSP into Sony for repair.
  6. On the Sony Playstation Portable clips are lifted, the cables will slide out and your broken (shattered) LCD will be ready for disposal.
  7. Lay the new LCD screen face down in front of your PSP so that you can access the cable clips and gently slide the cables all the way into the clips. (In some cases, the cables may not go in without a little help from a screwdrive or by slightly bending the cables. Be very careful if you need to use this method as you do not want to damage the leads of the cable.) Now, close the clips by snapping them down.
  8. Fold the new Sony PSP LCD Screen up and snap it back into the metal assembly. Do not put on the LCD screen itself as it is very sensitive and you could crack it. Snap it in by pressing along the edges of the unit. It should go together very easily.
  9. Place the cover back over your case and put all the screws back in.
  10. Turn on your PSP and enjoy your new screen!

Did this guide help you out? Do you have any questions or need clarification? Go ahead and leave a comment or contact me for more information!

Video: 1st minute has the items necessary for the PSP LCD Replacement

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drzjoker said...

i can't take off the silver borders around the screen sum are to together wat did u use to toake them off nd this is very helpful

Ken Hanscom said...

Hello. I used a small screwdriver (micro) to gently pry the edges off. Some other have used an exacto knife. The good news is that if you are taking out the old one, you do not have to worry too much about scratching the LCD. Putting back together is easy, as they will just snap back in.

alistair said...

hi there the info you suppleied was great easy to use and understandable.My son was given a psp for xmas and broke the lcd about 2 weeks latre sony wanted £110 to repair the lcd. i picked up one for £18.00 on ebay and with your info the job was simple and streight forward.
thank you very much keep up the good work

Ken Hanscom said...

Glad I cold help, and great to hear that you were able to save some money!

spencer said...

hi...i just received the replacement screen (purchased from ebay) and it did not come with any instructions. found this page doing a google search. i'd just like to say thanks for spending the time to write this article. i'll let you know if it works. thanks again in advance.

Anonymous said...

hello, can you send me the url of where you bought the lcd screen for $18. i would like to see if he has any others.

Aeshir said...

Hi, I can't get the video to work in Opera, Firefox or IE. Any idea what's wrong? If you reply, please send it to my email (


Adam said...

Hey guys. It says in this tut that if you break your black clips that hold the screen ribbons to the motherboard you have to send ur psp to sony to get fixed, this isnt true i broke my backlight ribbon clip and just secured it back on with electrical tape and it works fine, thanks

Ken Hanscom said...

Adam, that is definitely a possibility -- but could also lead to additional main board damage on your PSP. If the PSP gets warm or left in the vehicle, you could have the glue spread from the tape to the main board a ruin the PSP. Be very careful!

Ken Hanscom said...

Aeshir, the video is a "flash" video so you will need the plug-in to use it, regardless of browser.

karen said...

thank you so much these instructions were very helpful , and thank you for taking the time to write this article if was very helpful , plus i have a happy son now
cheers kazz

Angie said...

I am so glad that I found this. My son bought a psp in September and it was broken before the end of the year. Then a week ago we got him another one and someone stepped on the screen. I was able to salvage the old lcd from the other psp and put it into the one that got stepped on. Of course the great part is I get to torture him with a fixed one that he won't get back until he's 30 :)

Andrew said...

hello can anyone help me with a small problem with my psp.The small black clip what holds the backlight ribbon on the the main motherboard has snapped off.So the backlight doesnt work the four little wires are ok but still it doesnt work.Any ideas thank you

Ken Hanscom said...

Andrew, that's a tough situation. You could try some electrical tape or something similar, but it may not work. Most cases with broken clips end up being resolved with a new main board (motherboard replacement unfortunately).

Andrew said...

hello ken thank you for replying back i will give it ago cheers

Anonymous said...

Thank you soooo much! Followed your instructions and watched the video - all went well (although it took me two months to get the nerve to attempt it - wish now I hadn't hesitated)!

Anonymous said...

could i buy all the stuff i need at like raido shack or some electronic store
plz replys asap

p.s thx 4 the guide

Ken Hanscom said...

You could get all the tools at a local electronics store or Radio Shack. However, most likely for the LCD replacement screen, you will need to order it over the Internet.

Anonymous said...

Ken, please could you let me know how I open the video? I've tried different browswers and have up to date flash plug in but no joy


Ken Hanscom said...

Bummer. It looks like the video has expired or been removed. Does not appear to be your browser. I will give it a couple of days and if it does not re-appear, I will find another.

Anonymous said...

My PSP light isnt working im able to hear everything thats going on in the game and if i tilt it in the light im able to see the main menu and everything i was wondering how i would be able to put in a new light and not a whole ne LCD screen?

Thanks, Hal

Ken Hanscom said...

Hal, from my experience -- it would be easier to replace the entire LCD screen with backlight than trying to order a backlight, separating the current backlight and LCD, and then replacing.


Anonymous said...

UM I was wondering, do you know If a psp 2000 series screen will work in a 2001?


AlexTracy said...

Along the same lines as the previous post, I have a PSP2000 with a broken screen and am wondering if I can take the screen out of my old PSP1001 and install it into the new unit. Thanks! Great page here!

KatieBeth said...

I'm trying to remove the six screws and they seem to be stuck. I'm using the precision screwdriver set, but I just can't get three of them to budge. Any ideas on how to remove the dern things?

Anonymous said...

Okay, I've replaced the LCD screen, but now I'm having problems with the PSP itself. It seems the "up" button is perpetually being pushed. Is this fixable?

chris said...

I think i accidently stripped a screw. It was one of the black ones i also cant get the two screws in the holes out i have a precision screw driver 04" and i cant get it, any tips

BuyMyTigOlBitties said...

I have replaced my PSP screen 2 times now and they will work fine the first time I cut it on, but the second and so on, it is ultraviolet colored.
Any solutions?
send to (

Lynette V. said...

Thank you, my son dropped his psp and i got the replacement screen but it came with no instructions. So thanks for your article it helped and I got it right the first time. The psp works great. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

i just broke the screen on my psp, =/ but at least it wont cost much to fix it. anyways thanks for the video, its really helpful.

Anonymous said...

So I have the God Of War edition PsP, iz it tru that this type of PsP uses a different kind of LCD screen than the older/newer models, and do I the same routine to fix my lcd screen?