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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

PSP Stuck Pixels - Guide on how to fix a stuck pixel

There has been a lot of recent noise regarding fixing stuck pixels lately. On a recent post on Engadget, they discuss, as skeptics some of the tools available to fix a stuck pixel on your Sony Playstation Portable. Well, I have a stuck pixel on my recently replaced PSP LCD screen that I would like to have fix, so I decided to give it a try. The following is a guide on how to try and fix your stuck pixels.

An important point to realize that there is a big difference between a stuck pixel and a dead pixel. A dead pixel is black or off, and cannot be fixed. A stuck pixel is stuck on a particular color, red, blue, green, and sometimes white. In the case of my PSP screen, the pixel is stuck on white. A picture of the stuck pixel on my PSP is at the right.

Here are the steps to follow to try and get your PSP unstuck:
  1. Visit and download this file.
  2. Use your favor zip program and unzip the .MP4 file.
  3. Connect your PSP to your computer via USB Cable. On your PSP, go to Settings --> USB Connection to initiate the connection from your PSP.
  4. Make sure you are setup to view videos on your Sony Memory Stick. In the root of the Memory stick, make sure there is a directory called "MP_ROOT". If not, create it. Inside the MP_ROOT directory, create two directories "100MNB01" and "101ANV01".
  5. Copy the extracted zip file to the 101ANV01 directory.
  6. Start up your PSP, go to the videos icon, look on the memory card and start up the video.
  7. Set the video up on repeat and let it run overnight. Reports are that it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

In the end, the reports are about 60% of people have success with the pixel fix solution on their PSP LCD. I let mine run for about 10 hours, and as you can see on my image to the right -- the pixel is still stuck on white.

If this does not work for you, you can always look at my guide for replacing your PSP LCD screen.


Ken Hanscom said...

Generally speaking, if your stuck pixel is white in color -- there is little chance that your stuck pixel can be fixed. You might need to replace your screen. However, if it red, blue, or green -- there is a chance that this might work for you!

Tyler said...

Hey is there any Risks on damaging your PSP by doing this?

Ken Hanscom said...

Tyler, definitely no risk at all to your PSP. Effectively what you are doing is just simply watching a video or movie on the screen. Effectively, there is little difference between the two!

boilers4life said...

Great site! So from your post it's safe to say if you have dead (not stuck) pixel, the only way is to replace the screen right?

On the other hand, replacement screen still have the risk of having dead pixel?

There's no win-win situation huh..

Mkiller said...

theres no risk besides getting a nother one with is like 10% but it might work my pix was like 4 pix and like first few seconds fixed 3 and by i mean fixed them so i just got 1 green one so it works

dan said...

how can i know if my stick pixel is already fixed by the video?

can i stop playing the video for a while to see if my pixel is fixed and continue the video if its still there? is that alright??

Anonymous said...

hey Ken but isnt the reverse also possible? since there is no chance of a risk then how is there a chance of a fix?

mr3dx said...

Is there reverse situation can't happens, that green pixel might be more bright and visible after doin this? Or it can't be? Well, it's scary :)

Anonymous said...

this worked for me! but only after lightly pressing (with a soft cloth) on the stuck pixel a few times =)