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Friday, January 19, 2007

Resistance: Fall of Man – Final Thoughts and Goodbye

This game is the most fun I have had on a console in quite awhile. Resistance: Fall of Man for the Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) took some getting used to, but in the end provided a good challenge and a lot of entertainment.

I recently completed the game on the “normal” difficulty which took quite a bit more strategy and time than my first go around on “easy”. When you are in “easy” mode, you can pretty much blast your way through most of the levels with relatively little strategy – able to either recover health or find additional health modules. As a stark comparison, in “normal” mode your enemies take more damage, are more accurate shooters, and their artificial intelligence in avoiding you is far superior. Your have to employ much better strategies, leverage your cover, and make use of the arsenal of grenades that you acquire. (Note: I found the backlash grenades especially useful in places where you are swarmed with enemies.) I died much more often, but felt more challenged and had more fun.

Two of the enemies under the “normal” mode provided additional difficulty in defeating. Both of these ended my tour on a number of occasions. These were Titan and the Widowmaker, both of which seemed to have enhanced resistance to damage, and their weapons were much more powerful than under “easy”. For instance, if struck by the Titan’s gun – count on two bars of health disappearing – or roughly half. Two shots and you are gone.

When you complete “easy” difficult, a couple of additional weapons are available to you. The three that I actually used during my adventure were the L11-2 Dragon (Flame Thrower), Arc Charger, and the Reapers. I found the Splitter to be mostly useless except for the final level for destroying the rods. The Bullseye and the M5A2 Carbine are still the two weapons you need to depend on the most. Although, there is an increased reliance on the L209-LAARK (rocket launcher) to inflict the damage needed to defeat some enemies.

If you have not played this game for PS3, you should. Thus far, it is the best that I have encountered. However, now it has become to say goodbye to the game, as I have a stack of others to play and as entertaining as Resistance: Fall of Man is, I just will not have time to play it. I just hawked it on, recovering a good portion of the initial cost.