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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Save $200, sign up for SCE's summer discount plan

If you are a Southern California resident and have not signed up for the Southern California Edison (SCE) summer discount program now! Not only will you help conserve energy during peak load times preventing rolling blackouts, but you will also save yourself up to $200 every summer! In addition, for those who sign up before March 15th (03/15/07), you will receive a complimentary $20 Starbucks card!

Go to and enter code 20 today to start saving!

Here are some more details:
Join now and save up to $200* this summer.

And every summer after that.You choose the comfort level. You choose the savings.Here's how it works: SCE will install a remote-controlled device on your air conditioner that we'll use to cycle it on and off during peak times. Depending on the program you choose, you can save up to $200*. And in most cases, you'll only notice a temperature shift of a few degrees.

* The maximum savings amount of up to $200 represents the summer season savings a resident could enjoy with a typical 4.5-ton central air conditioning unit. Savings could increase with larger units and decrease for smaller ones. Based upcon a full summer season participation from the first Sunday in June through the first Sunday in October. Enrollment after the first Sunday in June will result in prorated savings beginning from the first meter read date after your application has been processed and your device has been installed. The credit amounts and program options are subject to change by the California Public Utilities Commission. Maximum credit amounts are subject to certain minium usage requirements and vary by central air conditioner tonnage.

SIGN UP NOW and get a complimentary $20 Starbucks Card.
Limited time offer. From date of installation and activation, allow approximately six weeks for delivery of two $10 Starbucks Cards for a total of $20. Must enter correct code to qualify. Limit one $20 Starbucks offer per household. Offer available only to new Summer Discount Plan customer enrollments.