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Monday, January 01, 2007

What has “The Million Dollar Homepage” become?

I subscribe to the notification list for Alex Tew’s Million Dollar Homepage Blog. Yes, I know many of you are asking why. While “The Million Dollar Homepage” has been “off” the Internet radar for about 10 months at this point, I was mildly interested following what Alex was up to since he completed the sale of a million pixels.

While the idea behind the site was neither all too original nor ingenious, Alex Tew’s timing and story was impeccable. Not to mention that Alex smartly had a good public relations person involved early to promote his story and site. The notion that a college-bound student was raising money by selling “pixels” on a page for advertising was quite a lightning rod for some folks to grab onto. And of course, all the copycats came out of the woodwork to help legitimatize the work. Everyone was trying to sell a few “pixels” to make a quick buck off of Alex’s idea.

This was the subject of several interviews and posts for the blog on the web page. Initially, it was Alex Tew asking people to come up with their own original ideas rather than copying his own. (However, several of these sites were attempted in the late 1999-2000 boom which Alex was not aware of) Eventually, he realized the momentum of his site would not be detracted from and encouraged the copycats – all until his site sold out of pixels last January, with some estimating that Alex pocketed close to $850,000 after all expenses. Not bad for a flyer of an idea and 6 months of work.

And while the trail and news has been really quiet since last February of 2006, I recently received a notification of the new entry and visited the blog – which brings me to the subject of this post. Alex Tew announced the formation of his “next” great thing, Pixelotto. Basically, all it is – is a site where the visitors can win up to a million dollars by clicking on the ads from yet another “pixel” site. Pretty disappointing product from Alex.

I was expecting, or I should say hoping for a little more out of Alex on his second venture. There had been some talk about a movie, about a book he was putting together, and what we ended up with was a new pixel site that is just a small twist on a short-lived 2005 phenomenon. I wish Alex the best, and perhaps he will reveal something for us in the near future that is truly original and special. It would be great if he could continue to capitalize on the frenzy he created about this time last year.