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Friday, January 26, 2007

Wii Sports - Tennis - Become a Pro on Nintendo Wii Sports!

Having a hard time reaching pro status on Wii sports? Think the highest possible rating is 2000? Well, then this is the article you have been waiting for.

Over the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to put in a little time on the Nintendo Wii Sports. During that time, Tennis has become the game that I tend to have the most fun with. It has a good variety of movements with the Wii Remote, has an interesting play and the games are always different.

Previously based on some articles I was under the impression that the highest score you could obtain was 2000. However, recently I beat Sarah and Elisa (1900 & 2000 skill) a few times in a row and obtained a total skill of 2007! It is pictured to the right and is definitely possible. A note of caution -- if you reach 2000 points and even lose one game in a 5-set match, your skill rating will decrease.

For those of you looking to get better, here are a couple of tips that will make your Wii Sports Tennis adventure more fun.

  1. Power Serves. In order to do the power serve, you need to start your down swing just before the ball reaches the top arch of the toss. Practice a few times and you will be consistently delivering power serves, overwhelming your opponents.
  2. Tire your opponents. This works great as you are climbing your way to pro. During a long rally, your opponents will start to sweat. (tiring) If you run them back and forth across the court, they will tire out sooner -- missing and over-hitting certain shots. When they tire it lasts for the entire game, but not the entire match.
  3. Use your front player. The front player is the most important for winning points. Once you get to the higher skill levels, it is almost impossible to win points hitting from the back all day. Whenever you have your opportunity, use the player in the front to deliver overhand returns. The earlier or later you swing the greater the angle on the smash. This will run your opponent back and forth until they cannot get to your ball.

Good luck with your Tennis adventure and go for that pro status!

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Hollywood Reporter said...

When you're playing the front row player, aim for the opponents rather than away from the opponents. They're more likely to make a mistake.

Ken Hanscom said...

That's a great tip, I definitely use that technique some times, especially in repeated volleys!

Jen said...

what does it mean to be pro besides having over 1,000 points? i know in bowling it's a shiney ball, but i'm now a pro in tennis and can't seem to figure out what that means (if anything has changed). thanks!

Jen said...

what does it mean to be pro other than having over 1,000 points? I know in bowling the ball goes shiny, but i'm a tennis pro now, too, and can't figure out if anything changed.


Anonymous said...

My sister has a score of 1192 in tennis, but can't ever seem to be able to reach 2000. Even if she wins, she loses points.

Ken Hanscom said...

Yes, that is an interesting phenomenon. It also happens to me right now as I at 2100+ points and even when I when in straight sets, I can lose points. It seems there is some calculations based on the number of power serves and how you win. For example, winning three games in a row where you beat the computer at love, vs. if you go to duece in straight sets will impact how quickly your rating goes up. And, even if it needs to go down.

Master Chief said...

I currently have a score of 2181 and on the rise. gg all =)

Anonymous said...

well i have been playing for a while now and i must say wii tennis is the best;; anyway i am currently 2386 in tennis and the most popular answer that i have come across on the internet tells me that 2399 is the max level in wii tennis. I can only get a level up if i win a perfect game

Anonymous said...

i think if you miss shots e.g. front player makes an air shot, you lose points......

de digibeet said...

Right now my tennisrating is 2397. After getting a rating beyond 2200 it's not advisable to win a game with even one point against (ie win 3 love games) if you want to keep increasing your rating. Your rating will keep rising by 5, then 4 and even only by one point at a time. I just won again in a perfect game at a rating of 2396 and didn't recieve a point, then i won again in a perfect game and my rating did rise by one point. The game seems to keep track of the length of the rallies and possibly the power serves (but i mis those rarely). Winning each rally within 5 strokes at most and win a perfect game keeps the rating rising beyond 2396, 2397 is my current max, gonna try to boost even that ...

Anonymous said...

I have 2399 and can't seem to get more than a point at a time. I loose points too, but since my wife's got 2200+ I figure that we might have get more points if we play against each other.

Donnie V said...

1973 here. Not bad for a 61 yr old with bifocals.
Has anyone else had the opponent jump for a return and land in the stands? Funny because they can't get out fast enough to return the next shot.

Anonymous said...

if you move the back player to one side and keep hitting it there they will eventually miss. or you can move the back player to one side and hit the ball to the other side and you will get the points. by the way im lv 2117.

Anonymous said...

i added a comment before saying i was lvl 2117 i think. i am now lvl 2348

Anonymous said...

the highest lvl i have found is 2634

Connor said...

The absolute highest score you can get is 2400. Once you reach 2399 each perfect win only accounts for like another 0.0005, so you need to win another like 2000 games perfectly to get 2400. (Not sure on the exact figures, but it's absurd)

I'm on 2230 ish

Wii Fit Top Dog said...

Once and for all, 2399 is the highest possible ranking in Wii Sports Tennis. On my blog you can read more about that 2400 fake Tennis record which was a Wii Sports Golf record actually...

Jan said...

I have found that playing the singles game rather than 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5 is easier and quicker - and you are always the server. What I have found is that you can win every game but still lose. I have gotten over 2200, but the opponent changes drastically and poors it on. Unless you win 40 - love, you get very little score.

kyle said...

if u lose on set thing then you will lose points and power serves come in level is 2396 and it takes forever because your level goes up one point at a time if your lucky

Anonymous said...