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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Windows Vista - Who Cares?

So, the big news is that Windows Vista is available in stores today. Forgive me if I cannot contain my excitement. But honestly, who really cares? Yes, yes, there are a lot of new features, entertainment and "productivity" improvements and things like that. And Bill Gates has made a couple of nice speeches about how this operating system is going to improve our lives.

Maybe I should care? I am not convinced. As far as I am concerned, the operating system (OS) has become a commodity. Although I still use Windows XP, I could care less where the OS was Windows XP or Mac OS. I spend very little "working" with the operating system. Probably 99% of my time is spent in applications that run on the operating system. Not in it. Mozilla Firefox, Quicken, Word Processing, Presentations, and Spreadsheets. That is where I spend my time at.

The only reason I can see to upgrade is if I want to spend some additional money on new computer. Even though my current computer runs everything I need pretty well -- I can be sure that what I currently have cannot run it well. That's good news for Dell, HP, and of course Microsoft. I am sure I will upgrade at some point, just not now.

In any case, the importance of the upgrade seems, oh - so - Windows 98. What do you think?