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Monday, February 05, 2007

The Anatomy of an eBay Scam – Finished

It has been several weeks since I have updated you with my ongoing saga with eBay and PayPal regarding the attempted eBay purchase of a Canon PowerShot SD800 IS digital camera. At this point I considered everything to be resolved – boy was this quite an amazing experience.

In the end, I have lost any respect that I had for PayPal, and because eBay owns that company – I am no longer quite the admirer of the company and service. The bottom line is that PayPal only cares about protecting itself and provides plenty of ways for folks to game their system. eBay recently announced that security is a top priority of theirs for 2007, however I say that it is too little, too late.:

This is how the situation concluded. After receiving an unauthorized payment from a compromised PayPal account, that amount was put on hold by PayPal. I immediately contacted the seller and notified them I was bringing the authorities into the situation. That prompted the individual who lived a short ways from me to immediately send a U.S. Postal Service money order for the full amount of my purchase. This was great news, in terms of recovering my payment.

(On a side note, I have since found out that the authorities technically would not get involved in such a situation. This is, according to my local police department is a civil matter between the two parties. Regardless if any fraud is involved.)

However, I contacted PayPal because there were many suspicious items including that the person involved in the transaction had access to multiple, false PayPal accounts to receive and send money. My suspicion was this person was part of a phishing ring, given that I encountered three different PayPal accounts during my involvement. I even offered to provide the envelope and information from the money order to assist in the investigation.

PayPal never contacted me nor responded to my offer. My bet is that as long as they received their commission on the transfer – they did not care.

For those keeping track, here is the history of this experience:


Tim said...

Couple years ago was took by someone that said merchandise was lost in mail. The amount was only 20 or $30 bucks. Paypal took care of me. Tim

Ken Hanscom said...

Tim. I appreciate that they took care of you. I wish they would have taken care of me. Perhaps in the past couple of years they have gotten too big for their own benefit? I even had a customer service representative hang up on me when I asked to speak with a supervisor. What I find is funny is that they did not even refund me their commission on the fraudulent sale. They should have at least been able to refund that.

Hopefully your good luck will continue. I am thankful that I did recover my funds though.