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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Canon Powershot SD800 IS - On the way

I have finally recovered from my recent eBay experience and am happy to report that I have finally ordered my Canon Powershot SD800 IS. As you may recall, my intention was to have the SD 800 IS in hand back before Thanksgiving. But, that was before the above referenced mishap occurred.

There is no question that I love the pictures that my current Canon Powershot G7 takes, as I glowed about it in a recent review. The Digic III processor and image stabilization (IS) technology has impressed me so much that I felt I had not choice but to go with the lower 7.1 mega pixel SD800 IS over the 10.0 mega pixel SD900 camera.

That brings you to the next question – why in the world do I need two point and shoot cameras? This in itself is a very good question.

In terms of functionality and quality, the Powershot G7 is tough to beat for a point and shoot camera, even if Canon identifies it as a high-end digital camera. (Some will argue about RAW vs. JPG functionality, but that is not an issue for me.) However, there are times – especially for an upcoming vacation to Hawaii – where the unconscious portability of the SD/Digital Elph series is necessary. I need to, or at least want to be able to drop the camera in my pants or shirt pocket without carrying it around my neck all day.

Another reason is that I want to see how well the Canon SD800 IS performs. I have seen a number of reviews ranging from a “9 out of 10” to a “4 out of 10”. I would like to compare my opinion of the performance and quality with theirs. If it is truly a “9 out of 10”, perhaps I can consider getting rid of Powershot G7.

Hopefully in the next couple of days, I will have an update and some first impressions. This camera has been a long time coming and I am looking forward to trying it out!