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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hidden Mickey: Disneyland: New Orleans Square: Pirates of the Caribbean: Fort

Hidden Mickeys are one of favorite things Disney. Finding them inside the parks is a great hobby of ours that we partake in, especially when waiting in lines. We recently visited the Disneyland at the Disney Parks in Southern California – Anaheim, CA that we will shortly publish a trip report on. During that trip, we ran into a few of our favorite “Hidden Mickey Mouses” in the park that we will be sharing with you.

Perhaps our favorites and sometimes the hardest to see is the Hidden Mickey Mouse inside the great Pirates of Caribbean ride.

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride has always been a favorite of ours. For a number of years, we had no idea that there was anything lurking in the shadows, hidden from the naked eye. However, a couple of years ago – with a flash and a glimpse, perhaps the greatest Hidden Mickey of them all was revealed.

Just after you pass through the fog where you see “Davy Jones” appear, you enter a large room. This large room with a ship shooting cannonballs towards the land and a group of canons on the right. When the cannons fire from the ship and land in the water, a flash of light is emitted and shines briefly on the wall.

If you look very closely, near the middle canon, there is a hole in the wall. That hole, blasted from previous firings of cannonballs makes a perfect Hidden Mickey Mouse in the wall. If you look closely at the picture on the right with the arrow, you will see exactly what you are looking for!

This Hidden Mickey, in our opinion is the greatest of them all. Hard to find, but in very plain site in the middle of one of the greatest rides in Disneyland history, the Pirates of the Caribbean!

Did you also know there is a hidden Goofy on the ride at Disneyland in Anaheim? That will be a subject for another times!


Anonymous said...

Also, immediately upon entering this "room", if you look slightly to the right above the pirate ship, you will see a drifting cloud/cannon smoke in the shape of the jolly roger - you must be quick because it morphs very quickly and then looks like the rest of the smoke/clouds. Look to the sky while your boat is still coming out of the tunnel or you will miss it!