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Friday, February 02, 2007

ESPN SportCenter – Was Michael Irvin on something?

Did you happen to catch SportsCenter last night? With the upcoming Super Bowl this Sunday, of course there was a long segment from Miami. With the team on the Super Bowl scene, both Michael Irvin and Steve Young were commentators talking about the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts. Granted, I was never a fan of the Dallas Cowboys’ star Irvin, but he was sure acting strange.

No surprises here, but Michael Irvin has an ego. Maybe his is not as large as Terrell Owens, but still quite an ego. However, during this segment – he was all over the place. Stuart Scott and Steve Young could not get him to shut up about how he could always beat the double team and Marvin Harrison cannot. Especially when it comes to their performances in the big games.

Then, he kept grabbing and reaching for Steve Young’s hands as he cracked a couple of jokes about Steve not being able to get on Terrell Owens about stepping up – where he could with Jerry Rice and Brent Jones. Both Steve Young and Stuart Scott were clearly uncomfortable.

I do not want to speculate whether Michael is just really excited about the Super Bowl in Miami or if he had something else going on. However, he was clearly outside of his normal behavior patterns – even for him.

Did anyone else catch this?