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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Go Country - KKGO 105 - Los Angeles, Country music is back!

This news is pretty exciting for Los Angeles country fans. There is once again a real country music station serving the Los Angeles area. That's right, Go Country - KKGO - 105.1 on your FM dial just launched in Sourthern California.

Ever since the miserably failing attempt by Emmis Communications to install Rick Dees back into the Los Anageles market by ejecting KZLA 93.9 FM from the airwaves in favor of the KMVN - MOVIN format -- there has been no country music available in this large market. Yes, there is Ventura's KHAY and San Bernadino's KFRG -- but both do not effectively reach the Los Angeles markets.

While not everyone has made the move over to KKGO (namely Peter Tilden & Ashley), many of your favorite personalitites have made the move. The veterans from KZLA include Sean Parr, Whitney Allen, Adrienne Brooks, Paul Freeman, and Tonya Campos.

The new Go Country is owned by the relatively independent Mount Wilson Broadcasting, that owns only a couple of other Los Angeles radio stations.

Give go country a quick list, I believe you will find the country music selection to be very similar to what you were used to on KZLA. In addition, the familiar voice of Sean Parr patrols the morning radio waves.

Looks like KKGO has a winner in Go Country and it is setting up to the successful country radio in Los Angeles.


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