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Monday, February 26, 2007

Hawaii Trip – Day 5 – Relaxing in Waikiki

Well, today is our last day in Hawaii for this short vacation here. On this trip, as with previous trips, we will be taking a red eye flight back to Los Angeles (LAX) tonight. The only unfortunate thing about it is that not only do we need to go through San Francisco (SFO), but we are both going directly into work. Call us crazy.

On past trips, we had to plan carefully, since checkout time at the Hilton Hawaiian Village (HHV) is 11:00am, 12:00am if you are lucky enough to get late checkout. If you are not leaving the hotel until 7:00pm or 8:00pm – it was difficult to make sure you stayed fresh and yet still enjoyed the day.

Well, things have changed at Hilton Hawaiian Village (HHV). Now, on your day of departure you can reserve a hospitality room where you can freshen up. You are allotted 20 minutes per person in the room – so, for us that would be 40 minutes. The only trick is that you can reserve one day before your departure – so, when we woke up on Day 4, we called and made our reservation for 5:00pm!

So, with a hospitality room reserved in advance for 5:00 tonight, we had a very relaxing day. Once again, based on the good food at the Rainbow Lanai – we chose to have the breakfast buffet at the upgraded rate of $5/person. Very enjoyable.

After breakfast, it was a first for us. We paid for and reserved a beach umbrella, a chair and a chaise lounge on the Hilton Hawaiian Village’s beach. Generally, we have thumbed our nose at that thought of paying for space on the beach, but decided to give it a try on our last day – to the tune of $50.

For me, I try to avoid the sun like the plague when in Hawaii. It just burns me up real quick – when in California it is a little more manageable. I must say that this day at the beach with the umbrella and chair was the most pleasant day that I have ever spent at the beach. For us, it was worth every penny of the $50 and we will definitely use it in the future.

Other than spending the day at the beach, we broke quickly for lunch down to Dukes. We generally prefer Dukes’ lunchtime menu over their dinner menu. We have been to Dukes in Malibu several times and it seems to be much better in Waikiki. None the less, it was a relaxing meal that we enjoyed.

When the day came to an end, we enjoyed our hospitality room provided by the Hilton Hawaiian Village. We cleaned up, and then enjoyed our last Hawaiian sunset from Tropics Cafe & Beach Bar.

Finally, we headed to the airport compliments of Roberts Transportation. Los Angeles, here we come!