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Thursday, February 01, 2007

January Update – What's next?

It’s time for the monthly update on the SomeLifeBlog. While I have provided updates in past months, as the readership grows – I want to make sure and make regular communications with the people that read. This way you can stay informed on what has been happening and I can be transparent on where things are going.

First, let’s take a look back on January. Here are some of the statistics for the

  • Achieved a Google PageRank of 2 before changing the domain this past month.
  • 2,944 folks visited the site in January, up from 508 in December.
  • Alexa started tracking the traffic and it currently ranks 4,898,708
  • Technorari ranks this blog as 647,545, down from in the millions in December

While this site is still in its early infancy, I was surprised by the dramatic increase in January (~600%) over December. There were two main drivers for this: 1) Google granted a PageRank of 2 to SomeLifeBlog, and in addition 2) Google began indexing the site on a more frequent basis, getting content to the search engine early. In addition, I believe that further growth was stunted by the decision to change domain names.

The decision to change the domain name from to was a difficult one. What made it so difficult was that I knew that several of my inbound links, search engine indexing, and Google PageRank would all be impacted – slowing growth for the short term, the next month or two. However, based on where I think I want to go with the site – it will be for a benefit down the road, discussed below.

Here are some of the main accomplishments that you may have seen this past month:
FeedBurner – Feedburner is now setup on this blog at, where you can subscribe via RSS, or just enter your email address on the right to get a daily digest of what shows up on the site.

  • Search – and easy search button has been added to the top so you can search the contents of this blog.
  • Categories & a Tag Cloud – with the various areas of content produced on the site, it was difficult to find it. A tag cloud now exists on the right to help you find what you’re looking for.
  • Profile Update – My profile has been updated so you can read a little more about me.
  • Daily Posts – I set a goal of posting every day in January which has ended as planned. In fact several days included more than one post that led my wife to tell me that I am addicted. (It was true!)

After we look back at where we came from, it is also important to look forward to see what the future holds. In terms of the SomeLifeBlog, here are some of the things you should be aware of and expect to see in the near future:

  • This is a fun experiment. Although there are Google ads on the side by which you may chose to support the site, that’s not the goal. The goal is to have fun, share some thoughts and experiences, and most importantly continue to practice writing.
  • For the above reason, Blogging 101 rules will not be obeyed. Meaning, this site does not have distinctly targeted content and it may never have that. The content will be spread among the subjects that I encounter in my own “SomeLife”.
  • Look for some additional fun content. If you have some, let me know – we should chat!

Wish List Items

  • 3 Column layout – I have made it a priority not to do a lot of custom work on this and produce in the framework that has provided, including their templates. However, as time goes on – the organization needs to be better, which includes having three columns of content to be organized.
  • Summaries on the main page, categories, & search pages. Right now when you visit the main page, a limited number of posts are displayed because of the amount you have to scroll. The same problem exists on both the categories and search pages. I want to reduce the stories to summaries so that you can see more of what is available without having to scroll as much. Unfortunately, Blogger does not offer this functionality yet – it is a must have!

I am looking forward to a fun February and hope you are to. With luck, things will continue on the current trajectory and more good news and additions will be reported next month. Thanks for reading!