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Friday, February 02, 2007

Jury Duty in Ventura County

Today I am spending in the city of Ventura performing my civic duty. A lot of people complain about jury duty and how it is conducted. However, Ventura County’s is really simple to deal with. For example, I was able to schedule this Friday out well in advance so that I knew when I would need to miss work to attend.

This morning has been pretty uneventful. Only one panel was called, before orientation had even completed. We had the normal orientation and video. After the completion of the video, they hand out the wireless access codes – so we can get our laptops online. Apparently if they hand it out beforehand, people do not pay attention. So, now I have my wireless connection setup here in the jury waiting room.

An early morning 20 minute break and then before you know it, lunch is here. An hour and a half for lunch, so just a little stroll out to grab a bite to eat.

After lunch, it is pretty much the same as before – very little activity. In fact, such little activity at 3:45pm, they dismiss us for the day. The good news is that while we were waiting in the jury room, 12 cases that were up for trial were settled that day, wasting less money of the tax payers. As the judges say, the reason we are there are to settle cases. Just by us being downstairs, it makes cases settle.