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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Live from ShowStopper Regionals in Anaheim, CA

Ashley and I attended our first “ShowStopper” Regional Competition for the American Dance Championships at the Disneyland Resorts in Anaheim, CA. The competition itself was held in the ballrooms of the Disneyland Hotel – which provided a great atmosphere for the competition scheduled for February 9-11th, 2007.

This was probably the first of many ShowStopper competitions for us. Currently, 9-year our niece was competing in both the Hip-Hop and Jazz team competitions. Pictures were a little difficult to come by, due to where we were sitting and the lighting. I avoided using the flash, specifically so I would not disturb the performers. However, of course the ShowStopper company had a great setup of professional cameras to capture the event.

The competition itself was well organized and seemed to generally be on time or ahead of schedule. On a couple of occasions, there were some delays due to the setup of props. Perhaps the biggest offended was the group “Down the Rabbit Hole” whose routine was based on none other than “Alice in Wonderland.” Unfortunately, it took about 20 minutes to setup all the props for their performance. While it was attractive, it was too over-the-top vs. the other groups they were competing against and ultimately made their performance anti-climatic after the long wait. I probably would have been more annoyed had my niece been competing in the same category as them.

In the end, my niece’s team took home a 1st place, platinum in the Hip-Hop and a 2nd place, gold in the jazz. With both of those, it looks like we will be coming back to the Disneyland Hotel July 18-22nd for the National Finals!

The other great thing about the competition is that it is in fact, at Disneyland. Just a short walk through Downtown Disney and you can visit the Disneyland Parks. It ends up being pretty convenient to visit the parks between competitions and afterwards!