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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Matsumoto’s Shaved Ice – Best on the Planet!

No trip to Hawaii is complete without a visit to Haleiwa to the M. Matsumoto General Store. Why would you choose to visit this little hole in the wall in the smallish old-town area of the town of Haleiwa on the North Shore of Oahu? For the shaved ice of course!

Matsumoto’s as it is affectionately known, serves the world’s greatest Hawaiian shaved ice. Apparently the secret is out, as on this particular Saturday, the line was well out the door – we had seen this before. Tourists such as ourselves and locals alike jump at the change to in line for one of Matsumoto’s famous creations.

Outside a group of girls were still in their AYSO soccer uniforms and enjoying their tasty treats. As timeless as Matsumoto’s is, their prices are still unbelievable. That’s right, $1.50 for the small size and only $1.75 for the larger size. We all pay $2.50 or more to enjoy far less impressive treats on the beach at Waikiki!

This particular trip, I reverted to my all-time favorite – the Matsumoto – which is a blend of Lemon, Pineapple, and Coconut flavors.

Ashley, on the other hand chose the all-time famous – the Rainbow – a blend of Strawberry, Lemon, & Pineapple.

Some recent additions to the Matsumoto’s include two of the most recent snow cone / Hawaiian shaved ice fads: beans & ice cream. As choices, you can simply get some ice cream mixed in with your shaved ice. Or you can also add in ‘beans’ which give the treat a little additional taste. Although we have not tried either, we hear they are tasty!

Without question, Matsumoto’s shaved ice is the best in the world. Check it out next time you are in Haleiwa and you will see why!