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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Michael Irvin Fired at ESPN

I posted a couple of weeks back, that Michael Irvin was behaving rather strangely on the Super Bowl segment on Friday, February 2nd leading up to the big game. Whether or not he had something going on, or whether he was simply a little giddy awaiting his election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame -- perhaps no one will know.

However, the news yesterday out of ESPN is not that surprising. Unfortunately for Michael, even with his recent election to the Hall of Fame, he has not been able to step away from the controversy that has plagued him since his career ended. One has to wonder whether that performance the week leading up to the Super Bowl was the final nail in the coffin.

Although he was one of the players I disliked the most during his career with the Dallas Cowboys, I wish him the best in the future.

Here is the story:
Irvin out as ESPN analyst
Michael Irvin has lost his ESPN gig, barely two weeks after being elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The Cowboys' all-time leading receiver spent four years as an NFL studio analyst for the all-sports network.

ESPN decided Friday "as part of an annual evaluation" not to exercise an option in Irvin's contract, it was confirmed Saturday.

"Michael Irvin will not be returning to ESPN," said network spokesman Bill Hofheimer. "We thank him for his contributions and wish him well."

"It's fine," Irvin said Saturday night. "These are exciting times for me and my family.
"There are a lot of opportunities to explore."

Leaving ESPN is not his wish; however, Irvin will leave taking the high road.

"I truly appreciate what ESPN allowed me to do, but it was time to move on," Irvin said. "I loved working with those guys … but I feel blessed enough to do other things."

Controversy has surrounded Irvin twice in the past 15 months.

During a November 2005 traffic stop, he was arrested on a misdemeanor charge when a routine search turned up a drug pipe inside his car.

Irvin claimed the pipe belonged to a close friend whom he had been trying to help kick an addiction.

ESPN suspended Irvin for one week for "not divulging" information about his arrest to the network. ESPN, though, gave him a one-year contract with a three-year option after the incident.

This past November, Irvin joked on the air that Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo's athletic ability must be the result of some African-American heritage.

Irvin later apologized for being "inappropriate and insensitive."

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crazylou said...

I have noticed Irvin acting very strange. I must also tell you that I am a drug counselor.I have learned how to pick up on behavior of drug addicts. When they have a relapse.Coke users are the easy ones to pick up on!Mr. Irvin had all the signs.I would of have him pee in a cup. He is not done with cocaine use.He will be a very sad ending I am afraid. Steven Michael