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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Motorola RAZR V3 - Charge via USB on PC - Step-by-Step

A few weeks back, I posted a how-to guide (manual) on connecting your Motorola RAZR phone (V3, V3C, V3i, V3M, etc.) to your personal computer for charging and browsing files with the P2K Commander software. Based on feedback from that post, people wanted a step-by-step guide with photos on how to setup the driver and charge your Motorola RAZR V3 phone on your personal computer (PC) with a USB cable rather than using a standard in wall charger.

Here is the step-by-step guide with pictures to install the USB charge driver (click on pictures for larger images):

1. There are two computer system requirements in order to make this work. The first is that you must have a USB 2.0 cable port available on your computer, which is common on most in-use PCs. The second is that you must have a USB 2.0 compatible cable with mini-USB that connects your computer to your RAZR phone.

2. Download the driver. Visit the forum under Hardware Support > Portable Devices and find a thread called “Motorola RAZR V3 USB Drivers”. This driver is different than the V3c driver. They may require you to register and go to the forum here. Additionally, you may be able to download the file directly – it is called “razr V3 usb” and may be found here.

3. Unzip the file to the directory of choice. For this step-by-step manual, I extracted the files into the directory C:\DRIVERS\RAZR_V3

4. Plug the USB cable into your computer and phone.

5. The “Add New Hardware” wizard should appear. Choose the “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)” option and click “Next.”

6. Choose only the “Include this location in the search” option and enter the directory where you unzipped the file. In this case, I enter “C:\DRIVERS\RAZR_V3”. Click “Next”

7. The wizard searches for the driver.

8. You will receive a warning that the driver is not a Microsoft Windows certified logo driver. Click the ‘Continue Anyways’ button.

9. The wizard continues installing the driver.

10. As the driver completes installation, you should hear a beep from cell phone notifying you that it is charging. Click on the “Finish” button to complete the installation.

Congratulations, you should be able to reliably charge your Motorola RAZR V3 from your PC via the USB cable.

This guide does not require Motorola Phone Tools (MPT) and has worked on numerous operating systems and devices including Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, MAC OS, Ubuntu Linux, and some limited reported success on Microsoft Windows Vista.

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Jeremy said...

Ech, sorry to be a pain! I can get my phone to charge but I cannot get p2k to access my phone. What gives? Any advice? Thanks for your help so far!

Ken Hanscom said...

Jeremy - not a problem at all. It's actually one important step or condition I forgot to mention. If you already have the USB charge installed and also want to use P2K, what I had to do was right click in 'Device Manager' on the Motorola Phone Driver and select 'Update Driver'. I then pointed it to the driver directory for P2K Commander and then it updated. Next I plugged in my V3 RAZR and the OS requested some additoinal drivers pointing to the same P2K Commander Driver location and then everything worked great. I appreciate you question, and will be post a how-to for the P2K Commander installation in the next week!

Ken Hanscom said...

An detailed "How to" guide with step-by-step pictures on how to install the P2k Commander software can now be found here. Good luck!

Tony said...

Also, I had to disconnect and reconnect the phone after installing drivers before it would actually charge. Not a big deal, but I thought I should mention it.

Karian said...

When I plug it in, the add hardware wizard doesn't pop up. How can I still install it?

Thaozee said...

Is your phone on Karian? I've heard you need the phone to be on for it to detect and install.

Ken Hanscom said...

The phone definitely needs to be on for the phone to be detected. If it is not detected there are 3 options.

1. You do not have USB v2.0 ports.
2. Your cable is not USB v2.0 compatible.
3. You can manually start your Add Hardware wizard from your Windows XP Control panel and specify the driver locations.

Jared said...

Hi sorry to bother but i did this and it cant find the driver and when i manually select it says not enough information....? any help ?

Ken Hanscom said...

Hi Jared, other than the advice I gave to Karian, the only other advice is make sure the phone is on before you connect it view the USB cable. Those are the general issues we have seen.

Jeremy said...

Hey, I think I have the same problem.
I'm trying to update the drivers, but when I can't point it to the p2k commander folder, it has to be one of the subfolders inside the p2k folder. And even then, when I use one of those, it searches and then says it didn't find any driver information there.
If you could help, that'd be awesome.

Jeremy said...

Actually, a little more detail on my problem.
When I go to update the drivers, it says that it couldn't find any better drivers for the phone, so it wouldn't install it.
Is there any way I can install the new ones, anyways?

David said...

All I get is the message that says it cannot be installed because the drivers cannot be detected.

Ken Hanscom said...

I have put together an additional tutorial with some more troubleshooting steps. In addition, there is a new version of the P2K Commander software which may fix your phone. See it here at

Evan said...

I downloaded the drivers to charge the phone and unziped them. I conect the phone and point it in the direction of the drivers but it says it can't find them?

Anonymous said...

I tryed to post i don't think it worked though. So i downloaded and unzipped the files. Connected the phone and pointed installer twoards the drivers and then it says it can't find them... any help?

Anonymous said...

hello , i have the same problem my phone is a razr v3m ,from metro pcs . i cant install the drivers looks like they are not the right one , the phone is crarging and when i connect it it show like i need to install 3 new drivers , motorola accessory , mcu data logger and test command . i tried everything with 2.8 version of drivers install manual and advance and have a disk selecting the right directory , it say windows cannot find the driver , i using windows xp service pack 2 usb 2.0 , everying is right i think and when i go to system i can see they with escamation signs like other devices , thanks for your help ..

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, Ken Hanscom !!!
Ealier I was having hard time making my Motorola V3 phone get charged by my PC.
Now, I got it done according to the intructions you have posted in the "step by step" post.
Thanks heaps!!!

Anonymous said...

A very simple and complete explanation to a problem that Motorola or Cingular was zero help on! In fact the Phone Tols sales pitch does not even boast that it contains the drivers to charge from usb port on the pc. Thanks a lot Ken.

Anonymous said...

SOS! I have tried many times to follow the above instructions faithfully but whenever I connect the USB cable to the phone it just starts charging. The New Found Hardware Wizard does not appear.

What have I been doing wrong? Thanks!

Ken Hanscom said...

Hello. It sounds like your phone is charging like you want it to. Perhaps the add hardware previously found the driver? Not sure, but sounds like you are having a successful charge of your V3 via USB!

aleavi said...

Every time the "found new hardware wizard" shows up i follow all the steps you recommended, however on my screen it read motorola razr v3r. i dont know if that is causing a problem because it wont let me install.

Anonymous said...

My V3 is not chraging with the included charger. The battery was drained.

Is there a way to charge it if the phone is Off, via USB?


Anonymous said...

Hi, for those trying to find the usb drivers: they are hosted here
and here

John W said...

Hi, First of all thanks for taking the time to help with this issue, which seems to be extremely common. I have an early 2006 T-Mobile USA RAZR V3, and my brand new (legal) Windows XP Pro on a new PC finds a plug'n'play driver immediately, and never starts the wizard. That would be great if all I wanted to do was charge the phone. The issue is the pictures on it need to come off desperately. I have manually started the wizard and pointed it to the recommended driver, whereupon widows declares that there isn't a better match in the directory so it won't install the driver. So I force it to by telling it not to search, just install. Then I got P2K commander 3.3 and tried that, which says there is no P2K device connected. So I upgraded it to 4.9 with the same result. Including the time I spent yesterday (most of the day) unsuccessfully dealing with 2(!) paid-for versions of MPT I am truly at my wits end. Thank you in advance

John_W said...

Hi again, I just wanted to add that I believe part of my problem is that the device manager has no ports (COM/LPT) listed. I've no idea why that is, perhaps it's got something to do with my motherboard. Interestingly, after banging my head against P2kCommander for a while, on a whim I re-installed MPT Deluxe and it now works(!). I attribute that unscientifically to the drivers from P2kCommander 4.0.0 somehow priming the pump, even though MPT over-wrote the driver during its installation. I have yet to retry using P2KCommander post MPT. Hope that helps somebody.

Anonymous said...

I want to charge a Razr V3 phone that is totally flat from my PC (as the charger is not available) . Is this possible?

TrevorA said...

We're away from home with no charger for the razr v3 but access to a PC. Is it possible to charge the razr from the PC when it's flat?

Ken Hanscom said...

Trevor, all you need to do is have a USB 2.0 cable (like for a Digital Camera), plug it in with the drivers from this page or go here for the updated Motorola ones. Plug it in and you're set!

TrevorA said...

Apologies if my posts appear several times, but I'm having difficulty posting them, they appear to go, but then don't appear.

Have download the drivers from the site you recommended and installed them and connected the phone, but nothing happens.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say Thanks alot for making this so simplistic. There is no way I would have been able to download the driver to charge my phone without your help. You are a God sent angel.
Thanks, Newark, NJ

Jovon said...

Awesome tut. In less than 2 minutes, my RAZR was charging on my XP system. Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody.
I hope everyone is doing well and have their phone working the way they want to.

Myself on the other hand, I have a few minor situations, Not problems, because Situations can always be resolved, and if not, then we really have a major problem....
A little quote from my 11 year old daughter, getting to smart for me... hehee

Ok, here is the deal, I have a Motorola Razr v3 Black edition.

I also have a DeLL Demension 4300
and it only has USB connections of version 1.0 only.

What do I do if I only have USB v1.0 connections ?

Also, is it true that Managing the Motorola Razr v3 can only be done on USB v2.0 ?

I purchase the Motorola Phone Tools and USB Data cable in total cost me $88.00

And I still cant get this thing to work. I have been at it for months and many times I just sat and cried in front of the screen because its so frustrating.

All my girlfriends say its easy, but I have tried over and over and still nothing. My computer does not even recognize my phone , and it does not even come up in my computer table of contents.

My daughter says I should just forget it because she sat with me many times and tried to help.
So sweet my daughter.

If you can help me, I would appreciate it very much.

Kind Regards
Linda Mayfield

Jay said...

I have the V3xx version and am trying to charge my razr with the actual motorola USB chord.

Ive got the actual motorola cd driver but it cant detect my phone.

When I plug the phone into the pc, sometimes the red light comes on (but not for long). Other times the Digital Camera Connected window comes on asking for a selection to launch the program on.

The problem is ... it doesnt provide any options to choose from and I can not make a selection or point to anything.

What am I doing wrong? Is the battery too dead to charge ?

Someone help please

Ken Hanscom said...

Jay, not sure there is enough information there in order to be able to help. Can you charge with the power cable fine?

Has it ever worked? Does your PC support USB 2.0?

Anonymous said...

OMG amazing!! yay thank you so much i was freaking out quite a bit b/c my charger apparently decided to randomly stop working overnight and since yesterday i had not been able to charge my Phone.... when i found my calculator cable and this website it was really pretty wonderful :D

ladypantherx116 said...

Very cool! This saved me. I use my cell phone as my alarm clock and I left my charger at a friend's house I was so afraid that I wouldn't make it to work in the morning. So, thank you!

jreid said...

A note for people who didn't get a hardware wizard popup in Windows: Try a different USB cable! I had the same problem, tried two different computers, etc. The cable I was using worked fine for my card reader and another phone, but the V3C wouldn't detect. On a whim I tried another, newer cable and it worked instantly. I never would have guessed it. Good luck!

Haris said...

Hi Ken,

I also have MoroRazr V3xx. When I try to update Motorola USB Modem driver, with the two v3 *.inf files, the computer tells me that no information about my device (V3xx) is present in those files. I installed Motorola's USB drivers and they seem to work in terms making my phone accessible; however, the phone does not seem to charge via the USB cable. I am using trial version of SyncCell which does what I need for now. I would love to use P2K but need to make sure that drivers for V3xx exists, first.

Thanks a bunch.

Anonymous said...

I have an amzing issue with a V3 silver. If I connect it to a wall charger o a car one it does not charge. When connected to the pc usb port the battery is correctly charged. Does anyone else have this trouble? Any idea bout the way to solve it?

ashraynn said...

i have tried many days to take pictures off my phone and transfer them to my computer. no such luck yet. i downloaded (what i thought) were the right drivers and i think i "unzipped" them correct. but when i plug up the phone i get no add hardware wizard and i cant even go to the control panel to open the hardware wizard. its not listed! so again plz help me i am getting so angry i could scream! this has been such a pain and i just want some help plz.

Haris said...

To access the pictures via USB you need to relocate them to the mini-SD card or get some software that would do access the phone memory for you. I was able to see them only via Blootooth, but not USB. Again, USB accesses the additional card well, but when it comes to phone memory things are not that simple.

Hope this helps.

Ken Hanscom said...


That is actually not 100% correct. If you do have a mini-SD card you can move them to the card and that will work. However, software like P2K Commander, P2K Tools, and Motorola Phone Tools (MPT) will all access pictures on the phone's memory.


Miss Trish said...


Anonymous said...

Is there any way to charge the phone if it has a dead battery... because i have no wall charger and i need to charge the phone... can anyone help???

Ken Hanscom said...

You do need a minimal charge on your phone (enough to power on) to get the USB cable charging to work properly. If you do not have that, then the wall (or a car) charger is your best bet.

Anonymous said...

I have not been able to get the required files for free anywhere. Does anyone have an up to date link where I can download the files for connecting my PC to my V3?

Ken Hanscom said...

Try this link:

mike said...

Note USB charging will not charge a completely dead phone. Also to Access a micros SD card via usb port the phone must be set, in settings, connection, to memory

Anonymous said...

I have a problem, i followed your instructions but in add hardware the following message appears:
Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.

Motorola USB Modem

The system cannot find the file specified.

What can i do?

Anonymous said...

when ever i connect my phone to my Pc it says found new hardware but then a window shows up and it says "cannot install hardware, there was a problem installing this hardware, fatal error during installation" and p2k commander doesnt work it used to work and theni tried using it and now it doesnt work i would appreciate it if you could help me.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks for posting the walk through. I followed the instructions and it worked like a charm. THANKS!

Ken Hanscom said...

Not a problem, glad it worked for you!


Anonymous said...

i have a RAZR V3c & have downloaded the usb and latest p2k drivers. i have windows xp. when i plug the phone in the usb to my laptop it dings, like it reconizes it, but there is no found new hardware popping up. so i tried to manually add this as hardware but i'm told that it's not registered so it fails to add it??? i don't know how to get around this? i just want to download pics from the cell to my pc;( Also i tried installing moto phone tools software with a disk months ago and i can't seem to get that to work either? please help asap

Anonymous said...

i have Motorola RAZR Maxx Ve, can i charge it with my PC? thanks.

Anonymous said...

yo i love homo .But yes thanks i would never have got my phone charging if did not follow your steps directly.but all the peaple that are complaining about not working just follow everything he told you.or manualy go to add hardware if you have to .put the zip in the c:drive .just use your brain.he cant help you if u can't help your self.
lol juvahne

Anonymous said...

you are really great. I downloaded and installed it following your steps and now I am charging my V3 from my pc. :)
However, just want to emphasis it, you have to unplug the V3 first, after installing the driver, then, connect it again, it will be autoly charging.

Anonymous said...

Worked great (downloaded from after I discovered that phone had to be turned on to get PC to recognise that new hardware had been attached. Fortunately the battery lasted just long enough to trigger the "add new hardware" but then died. It is now sat on my desk charging. GREAT POST. Many thanks

Anonymous said...

Officially from Motorola:



I hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

thank you very much. it help me charge my mobile via comp. thanksss :)

Anneleen said...

Excellent how to! Works perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Hey--This whole post is great...but theres one problem. My V3 is dead and I have no charger so that it could be on when I plug it in to the computer. Am I just screwed?