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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Motorola V3 RAZR – Transfer Pictures Step-by-Step Guide

A few weeks back, I posted a how-to guide (manual) on connecting your Motorola RAZR phone (V3, V3C, V3i, V3M, etc.) to your personal computer for charging and browsing files with the P2K Commander software. Based on feedback from that post, people wanted a step-by-step guide with photos on how to actually transfer the photos to your computer.

This guide does not require Motorola Phone Tools (MPT) and has worked on numerous operating systems and devices including Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, MAC OS, Ubuntu Linux, and some limited reported success on Microsoft Windows Vista.

Here are the steps (click on pictures for larger images) -- this guide will show you how to download pictures from Motorola V3:

1. Plug-in your Motorola Phone’s Mini-USB cable to a USB 2.0 connector on your computer.

2. Start up the P2K Commander software by clicking on “P2kCommander.exe” after you have completed the setup instructions that are here.

3. In the drop down on the pane to the left, select the ‘P2k Mobile Phone’ Icon with a star icon next to it. In some cases, you may need to click on ‘refresh’ for the software to scan your Motorola RAZR V3.

4. By default, the software catalogs all of the files on your Motorola RAZR under a directory by the name of ‘a’. Double click on that directory.

5. The next set of files is the base or root of your phone’s file system. Double-click on the folder ‘mobile’.

6. The list of folders here includes several that you may have interest in, including ‘audio’, ‘picture’, and ‘video’. For the purpose of this tutorial, double-click on the ‘picture’ folder.

7. The pane on the left will now show the list of available pictures to be transferred from your Motorola mobile phone. Now choose your destination folder on the right, by double-clicking to your desired location. For the purposes of this guide, I have chosen ‘C:\My Pictures’

8. Highlight the pictures in the left pane that you would like to transfer or copy to your computer. In my example below, I have highlighted three files that I would like to copy to my computer. Then click the ‘Copy’ icon on the lower right hand side of the screen to transfer your pictures.

9. Go to the folder on your computer and view your pictures!

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Weaz said...

Is there a default file that would be my contacts (address book)?

Thanks for all the info by the way - great tutorial and information.

RJ Hunt said...

YO!!!! YOU ROCK!!! Good Look'in out, Now do you have a way to stop my cell phone bill from coming?!?!?! hahahahaha!!! Thanks again for all you're effort...
Later, RJ (

Ron said...

i was hoping you can give me info or provide another guide on how to add music ringtones to the razr phone like you did with the pic transfer i love step by step guide for the pic trans i used it and am now easily moving my pics whereever i want thank you very much for that info

Anonymous said...

Any chance on how to install the ringtones? I downloaded a few MP3's (27 sec.) ideal and made for ringtones but haven't had luck installing. From the Multimedia>Sounds>song I want. I hit the up on dial and it gives me option to "Apply as ringtone" but when I get a call it is the stock one I picked. Any ideas? Thanks for the all the info provided so far!!!

Ken Hanscom said...

Yep, that's on the priority list for the next two weeks. Ringtone & also a P2K Commander installation guide. Some folks have experienced some difficult there.

dan said...

ok,i installed everything and it does charge my razor.but when opening the p2k everytime i try to click on the p2k mobile phone in the drop down menu it just goes back to c:\.what am i doing wrong?

Ken Hanscom said...

An detailed "How to" guide with step-by-step pictures on how to install the P2k Commander software can now be found here. Good luck!

Ken Hanscom said...

Update, transfering MP3s / Ringtones to your phone is available here:

Jennifer said...

This tutorial is great! Thanks so much for the info.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I jus wanted to say a big thank you for the step by step instructions on how to get my razr v3 connected to my pc... i would neva hav got it done otherwise... anyways ... a BIG HUGE thanx.

Anonymous said...

this step doesnt work for me..."p2k mobile phone nvr shows up!! :
3. In the drop down on the pane to the left, select the ‘P2k Mobile Phone’ Icon with a star icon next to it. In some cases, you may need to click on ‘refresh’ for the software to scan your Motorola RAZR V3.

Anonymous said...

everytime i click on p2k mobile the window freezes!! everytime! plz help mee!!

Anonymous said...

THANKS. 3 hours I tried to fix it with other links, and just 15 minutes with Yours!!!

Brent said...

This RULES!!!!!!!!


Fariha said...

I wanted to transfer photos from my pink razr V3 to my laptop. I was trying to follow the steps you mentioned for 'charging the V3 via USB'. And I downloaded the ZIP file, connected the V3 to the laptop, but no window of the Wizard appeared. What to do now?
Thanks. I use Windows Xp (Home edition).

Ken Hanscom said...

I have put together an additional tutorial with some more troubleshooting steps. In addition, there is a new version of the P2K Commander software which may fix your phone. See it here at

Amanda said...

I can't see the pictures folder on my phone. I can see a lot of other folders, such as audio, but no "pictures." Any suggestions as to what's wrong?

Anonymous said...

hey.. every time i try to open p2k mobile phone the window freezes for 2 seconds and then C: opens!! what should i dO??

Anonymous said...

Great information. Several problems. Downloaded the files you recommended but the P2K Commander keeps telling me the phone isn't connected or detected. Before I began all this the USB cable from my webcam nicely fit, Windows XP detected hardware and device and loaded some drivers. The cable charges the phone, and I can see folders on the phone but all folders are empty. Am I accessing the sim or the phone memory and how do I switch?

Anonymous said...

Ken, thanks for the good info. I'll return with more feedback after I tried it on my Motorola V3m. BTW: If anyone is still interested, I have located a cheaper source for the data cable and driver set. sells the package for ~ $29 + S&H / I tried it, but it doesn't work all the time. (Once in a while it doesn't recognize the device and hangs...) Thanks. Anon.

Murtaza said...

when i open the mobile folder in p2k, i can see a lot of folders, including audio. But i CAN'T see a picture folder. please help!!!

Anonymous said...

i already have my p2k commander but when i try to chose p2k mobile it wont work...please help

Ken Hanscom said...

For anyone having issues with P2KCommander, a couple of things to try:

#1 Go to option, P2k tuning and select either Standard P2k commands or Safe (slow commands)

#2 Select a different Phone drivers/Partitions. Either /b for the Transflash card, or /c for the i398 user partition.

Jason said...

You da man. I couldn't get it to work at first, but it was because I downloaded the P2K version without the drivers. Once I grabbed the zip with the drivers (4.0) it worked just like you wrote. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for ur help, the 3.2.2 is the one I used and the only funky thing was the find hardware wizard. But I was able to recover my pics from the Razr. Thanks again and you are doing a great service. God Bless...

Monte said...

Yes! I used 4.9.3 with my V3 and it worked great. Many thanks!

partha said...

When I click on p2kcommander with my Motorola Razr v3m phone, I do not see the mobile folder described in this article. I only see lots of numeric folders. Which one has the pictures that I can transfer to my PC?

Anthony said...

THANKS, after some mucking around and using the second latest version it worked perfectly. Finally I can use my phone for those surprise pics that come up every now and then:) and put them on my PC to share!

Anonymous said...

Trying to pull some pics off a Verizon-enabled Razr V3m and I was able to pull all of the files off the phone, but they will not open in any picture editor, and we tried several computers. It is like the files were corrupt or something, but they downloaded without error. We used the 2.8 drivers and P2Kcmdr 3.2.6 because we had no success using the other versions. The files have sizes that looks what we would expect, but we can't open them. If we hook a Cingular-enabled Razr V3c we can pull files and view them all day long. Running P2KCmdr on WinXP, and we used P2KSeem to turn on the USB port on the Razr V3m.

Anonymous said...

I started up the P2K Commander software by clicking on “P2kCommander.exe” but i could not find the ‘P2k Mobile Phone’ in the drop down on the pane to the left side. I also tried clicking on ‘refresh’ for the software to scan the motorola razr V3 but it didn't work. What went wrong?? Please help!

Shawn said...

I have P2K Commader working and I can see the files on my phone. However when I look in the pictures folder, I don't see any of the photos I've taken with my phone. Would they be someplace else? I have the newest drivers and the newest version of P2K Commander.

Awesome guides btw. VERY much appreciated. :-)

Igor said...

Thanks man, saved me lots of time.

Fichter said...

I have downloaded and tried this a few different ways- earlier versions, later version etc., but I can never view files on my phone.

Is it possible that browsing has been disabled by Virgin Mobile, my cell phone provider?

Any help or advice appreciated - if anyone has had a Virgin Mobile phone that work with P2K Commander please let me know too.

Morgan said...

I'd like to thank you for making this web page- you talked about exactly what I tried, taking the mini-USB cord from a digital camera, trying to plug it into the Razr and seeing if it worked. This was very useful.

One thing to point out though was that in P2K I never had "P2K Mobile Phone" as an option, but a number of things starting with P2K such as "P2K Phone System", "P2K tflash", "P2K Phone user", and "P2K Phone Extra". It wasn't a big deal because I eventually found the /a to doubleclick, but it had me hung up for a couple minutes.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making this page! This whole series of articles has been excellent. I experienced the same thing you wrote about in the intro, seeing a mini-USB cord from a digital camera and wondering if it plugged into my Razr. This is a great guide.

One thing to point out though was that I never had just the "P2K Mobile Phone" as an option in the upper left corner, but I had "P2K Phone System", "P2K Phone User", and a few others. It wasn't a big deal because I eventually found the /a and doubleclicked to find my photos, but it definitely held me up for a couple minutes.

Thanks for this work!

Anonymous said...

This sounds really promising, but I'm trying to do it under MacOS X. Your intro says it works, but I'm not sure how since P2KCommander appears to be a Windows .exe application.

Am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

Just a quick 'thank you', I've been trying for the last few hours to find drvers / utils from Motorola to enable me to copy files before I swap to a new phone. Without this program I would have been stuck. Cheers.

Liv said...

I am stuck here, I successfully downloaded the P2k 2.9 version, the newest would not work for me. i have a V3r and Windows Xp, newest version. Everything was going by the book, except it only brings up one picture to move, it is named wvim_splashscreen_msn, which is not a pic on my phone??!!?? How in the world do I get my pics???? Any help would be SOOOO great can e-mail me @ thanx much!

Anonymous said...

Pretty stuck here, i have a V3r and windows XP, I got everything downloaded in 2.9 version since the newest didn't work for me??? Anyways only one pic shows up and its named wvim_splashscreen_msn which is not a pic on my phone. I really need my pics and cannot get them to show ...please help :)
can e-mail me @ thanx!!!

Anonymous said...

ok... so i must be completely stupid because i have no idea what this P2 Commander that software that i have to buy???

MelissaAnnDenham said...

I must be completely stupid because i dont know what this P2k Commander is... is that a software that i have to buy?

Ken Hanscom said...

P2K Commander is a free program that you can download and use. More about it here:

m. said...

Hi. Thanks for posting all this helpful info. Like the two posters on 10/26, I am seeing only wvim_splashscreen_msn.gif in my picture folder displayed by P2K, even though that folder on my phone contains other images. Also cannot find the audio files I've recorded on the phone. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I can get to the picture folder but my pictures are just not there and I know I have pics on my phone. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

I'm having the same issues as Liv, Anonymous on 10/26 and m. I'm don't why I keep getting the wvim_splashscreen-msn.gif thing. I have at least 9 other photos on my camera so this is a little frustrating. What should we do? I do appreciate all your help, however, with the guidelines and links and how-to's! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH. Just downloaded very valuable kid picts taken with my phone 2 years ago!!!

George said...

I am running P2K Commander 4.9.E and Windows XP. As outlined in your procedure, the pictures on my Razr V3 are in the "Picture" folder. However, my daughter has a Razr V3r, with 14 pictures on her phone, but the only picture in her "Picture" folder is "wvim_splashscreen_msn". Where are the 14 pictures located on her phone? Why wouldn't they be in the "Picture" folder?

George said...

I found an entry on that said an owner of a Razr V3r realized that the reason he could not locate folder a/mobile/pictures using P2Kcommander was that his phone has a different set up for the drive structure and that the pictures are held on another drive on the phone named c/mobile/pictures.

How do I get P2K Commander 4.9.E to recognize the “c” drive on the SIM card instead of the “a” drive?

Ken Hanscom said...

By going to the options section of P2K Commander you can choose the various available partitions for your phone.

George said...

In P2K Commander 4.9.E under “Options”, the only option that looks like what you’re talking about is the “Use this filename filter” option, where the default is “/*.*”. Is this the option to use? Do I make it “c:/*.*” ? Or is there another option that I should be using?

Anonymous said...

how do i get a mini-usb cable? my phone came with:
a headset thing
a cable that you can use to charge your phone-it has an adapter on one end and a plug that goes into the phone on the other.
not seeing a mini-usb cable here.
can you help me?

Ken Hanscom said...

Usually you need to purchase your own USB to Mini-USB cable. These often come with Digital Cameras but also can be purchased from a retailer like BestBuy, Fry's Electronics or eBay from less than $5.

Ken Hanscom said...

George -- If you're using 4.9.E, then you'll use the drop down from the main menu to choose /b, /c, or /e. In previous versions, the various partitions were located in the options area.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. Helped me gets all of the pics off my wife's cell phone. She was worried she'd lose them all when she got a new phone.

Pittock NZ said...

What a cracker, Mate! I experienced many of the problems others wrote of, but after reading all your comments, got my downloads to work fine! All I have to do now is find software that will play .3gp video files...!

vijay said...

The procedure worked. Thanks a lot.

Vikram said...

@ Pittock NZ

You could try Nokia Multimedia player or a command line one program called mplayer. Mplayer is great as it can play almost any format.

@ Ken
Great job in putting this together, will be trying out this shortly on my gf's RAZR V3

RichRichmond said...

Ken - Great stuff..but, when i fire up P2k Commander 4.9.e it freezes after selecting /a P2k Phone system. In the bottom left window i see the logging, which has...
P2kcommander launched
usb p2k device found, phone connected
p2p Tci IF up.
Tci command set: 3G Fast

as soon as i select /a p2k phone system, it locks up?

Note: My RAZR v3m is recognized as soon as i plug in usb cable. Verizon is my carrier.

thanks Rich

Ken Hanscom said...

Try changing the options under speed and compatibility. That usually resolves the lockups when your device drivers are connected.


RichRichmond said...

ken -

i disconnected the usb cable and started P2K...went into options and put it on 3G Safe. closed P2K. reconnected cable. started P2k.

its says...
Tci command set: 3G safe.

i then select /a P2k Phone System

log shows...
USB: IO Time-out!
Usb p2k device found phone connected!
Tci command set: 3G safe.

I want to go into /a folder because of the Itap file that corrupt (can;t send text messages)

i've even selected the /b luck.

note: i've downloaded the Motorola Software Update utility and it says i have the correct driver. I also have the MTP that works/connects just fine.

puzzeled here.

thanks in advance


Anonymous said...

AHHHHH. This is insane:( Its confusing me...and when i try to search for C:\Program Files\p2k\p2kdrivers_2.8 it says that file doesn't exist. agh.

Anonymous said...

thanks ken...u saved my phone...

greetings from mexico...

Anonymous said...

Outstanding! I'm using Windows Vista and the P2K did the trick on getting the pics to the PC. Thank you soooo much.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't work at all.V3c. P2k Phone System /a nor /b nor /c nor /e can be recognized. Safe, Standard, nada.
No folder called Mobile or Pictures.
Nada. What's up? I would appreciate knowing how to fix this as I have several pics I would like to put on my PC and then back on a new phone.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with the above poster. Every time I select something from the drop down menu. The P2K is NOT RESPONDING and when I ended it. it restarts my computer. I am using the latest sofewares version. any help?

Anonymous said...

I have successfully copied my pictures (jpeg format) from my Razr V3xx to my laptop but I am unable to open any of the pictures. Any ideas?

Denae said...

i have a verizon motorola v3...ive installed p2k v3 2.9 and i did all tha steps but when i try to open up p2k a window pops up and the options are execute or cancel..if i pick execute p2k shows up not responing and i have to close and if i choose cancel then it just closes the whole plzzz!!!!


Denae said... to my problem there plz!!

Tom said...

After spending far too long on trying to recover my pictures and video via Bluetooth on my Mac or PC, I saw a post in another thread mention P2KCommander, which led me to these directions.

After installing the Motorola Razr V3c Phone usb driver and having XP run through the hardware recognition steps, I followed a few steps until it became self-explanatory. Using P2KCommander (Ver. 4.9.E) and these instructions, I was finally able to recover my pictures! Woo-hoo! Thank you PK2Commander for the great software and Ken for his simple to follow instructions!

Ashley :) said...

OMG! I LOVE YOU! I apologize if that sounds over-the-top, but I was sooo bummed when the screen on my RAZR died. I thought I had lost all of my pictures and ringtones. The same thing happened to a good friend of mine, and she had to borrow my phone to use as a template for which buttons she needed to push to bluetooth ALL of her stuff to another phone. It was tedious and horrid. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for saving me from that! :D Have a great day!

Fathima said...

dude, u saved me from going into extreme moto-phone rage. thanks yo!

Chanel said...

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i posted a question just a half hour ago and decided to try the suggestion from a poster about going to I loaded the older driver and the
P2k commander version 3.2.2 or whatever version it is on the webpage.
and guess what it worked. i was able to open my verzion razr v3c and download photos, ringtones and videos.
only problem is that only some of the ringtones work, none of the videos will open and only a third of the photos open. with the tones and the videos it a file extension thing (any suggestions on that) but for the photos they are all jpeg. the ones that do open show a size like 320x480 or such. the ones that wont open have no size. any suggestions?

could i need an older driver ( I doubt that is it) or an older version of p2k commander (maybe?)
to properly open these photos? or are they corrupt etc and wont open. with microsoft picture viewer or paint. should i try abode etc?

thanks for your awesome efforts and dissemination of information

LeslieSS said...

Ok I know its been a while since anyone has posted on here and got a response. But I see that some people did not get a pictures folder on their dropdown, well I can't get one eighter, did anyone find a solution to this?

sally said...

hey there(: umm, i finally got p2kcommander to recognise my v3, i wanted to transfer some pics to my laptop, but i can't find the "pictures" folder. There's a lot of other folders like "audio", but no "pictures". can anyone help?

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Ken Hanscom. I used P2KV4.9.8 on my Motorala v3. It worked perfectly!

Adzy said...

I have the same problem as Sally. and several other have posted that they have this problem.

We can see most of the folders: audio, certs, email, mms, kjava.. etc but no Pictures folder

Can anyone help us please?

Adzy said...

Ok i figured out what was wrong for my self (not seeing the Pictures folder that is)

I had to download several version to find a version that worked for me.

I believe my phone is the V3r (i think). Anyway I finally downloaded version v4.9.0 of P2K (i started with 5.0.4 or something and it didn't work). well in version 4.9.0 i scrolled down the list of options to find the phone. in the drop down menu it had the option /c P2K User_1. When it loaded it finally had the Pictures folder in it. so now i'm all set. hope others can find a version that works for them.

By the way. i needed a much older version so i could install the drivers for my phone to work on this pc. For some reason the newer versions dont have the \p2kdrivers_2.8 folder. dont know why that is.

Alexr62 said...

Wahooooo!!! You totally ROCK. Using v6.0, worked great once i figured out to NOT let the phone go dark (screensaver mode), and to NOT try and do more than one batch of transferred files at a time (didn't seem to matter how many in a batch, but selecting a second batch caused the app to freeze. Avoided this by doing a batch, closing and restarting the app, then selecting another batch, etc. Also, wasn't able to select a destination folder, whenever i selected C it would go to the app folder, so I just copied into the "english" folder within the app and then moved them.


Anonymous said...

I have the latest edition of P2k Commander and it seems to work fine but I cannot find a file listing for my address book on the phone. Where is it?

Anonymous said...

Alright . . . I am aware of how often this has been said now . . . and your head must be enormous by now, Ken . . . but seriously, I love you. Thank you so much for this. Although the links to the P2k commander were disabled, I just searched for it and found the latest version. I have been trying to get a few photos off of my phone for four days now. You are the best! thank you again for taking the time to write down this information for nimwits like I who do not want to get screwed by Motorola Phone Tools. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

ty so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Worked like a charm for my razr v3r using PK version 4.9.8. The only thing that threw me off was that my phone had an "a" and a "c" drive and my pics were on the "c" drive.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! This worked GREAT!! Version 4.9.8 worked for my razr

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!

This worked like a charm!


Neil MacLennan said...

I tried P2KCommander and I couldn't get it to see my Phone. I tried different settings and each time switched to a new USB port (so that it would reinitialize the driver install phase) to no avail.

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and I mention this because I see that the majority of the posts are from a few years ago. Do I need to do anything additional in order to get this app to work properly with Win764bit? TY.

I will check back to see if this Q. has been answered.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ken for posting these instructions. Had a little trouble at first with my Razr not being recognized by the P2k version I initially chose from your listing(3.3.2), but then chose a newer version (4.9.8) and switched my Razr to a different port on my XP PC, and was finally successful. I didn't get all the wizards popping up, but it still worked and I was able to copy my photos to my PC.
Thanks again for the info!!