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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Need for Speed Carbon – PS3 – Review, Cheats and Final Thoughts

This Need for Speed - Carbon game was not bad, but it definitely will not become a favorite of mine. While it may be the best driving game out for the Playstation 3, it is no Gran Turismo. Perhaps I tainted myself before playing it by downloading the trial version of Gran Turismo HD, which was impressive. That being said, having completed the game – Need for Speed Carbon does not have the story or the realism to push it over the edge. In fact, it seems just like every other Need for Speed or Midnight Club that you may have played.

The game is not all bad; it does provide some entertainment value with a mediocre story line. That is, you are trying to regain your street cred from an incident a few years back where you were accused of stealing some money. Apparently setup by a friend, you have returned to your city.

While it is a nice plot, there are too many holes in the story and the game play to be anything truly impressive. Here are my main complaints about the game:

No value is provided by playing this game on the Sony Playstation 3. Meaning, it does not make any use of the features of the console. Most notably, the hard drive is barely used to the tune of less than 1MB. That means that the game is extremely slow loading scenes, changing cars, and upgrading your vehicles. It really takes away from the game-play, especially as you wait painfully as every scene loads.

The game is not strikingly different or unique from the various games you find out there like Midnight Club and previous versions of Need for Speed. While adding a couple of cars like the Audi R8 is a nice touch, the game play and features just are not anything that have not seen before.

Once completing the game, I decided test to test out some of the cheat codes that can be found on searches. The three that I verified and tried included:

  • Infinite nitrous - LEFT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, SQUARE
  • Infinite crew charge - DOWN, UP, UP, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, SQUARE
  • Infinite Speed Breaker - DOWN, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, SQUARE

One confusing portion of the instructions that I found was that it says to enter them "on the title screen." However, that is flat out wrong. What you need to do is hit the title screen, press start, load your profile and then enter the codes from the main menu screens. Once you get them entered in correctly, you can have some definite fun with them. Using the nitrous constantly during a race is definitely fun, and even more fun in the police car chases!

The bottom line is that if you are looking to waste some time, buy Need for Speed Carbon. But if you are looking for an innovative game that stretches your PS3 to the limits, it is not for you. However, that being said -- sadly this may be the best racing game currently available for the PS3.