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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Officially Cursed Status?

A recent posting from the Cornerstone Conference by another owner......


I feel like things between the Lord and myself are good. I have a great marriage, good job, enjoy being part of a ministry, but when things are going this wrong, (a friend of mine tells me), I have to examine my life and ask if there is some sin in my life that I am not surrendering.

Although I no longer have Shaun Livingston on my fantasy team, I drafted him fairly high this year, as the heir apparent to the up and coming Los Angeles Clippers. After his injury the other night, which was the about the most disgusting thing I've seen (rivaling Joe Theismann or Napolean what's his name from the Raiders), this has capped off an injury plagued season beyond belief.

To date, my injuries have been:

Yao Ming (a killer)
Carlos Boozer (could be expected)
Lamar Odom (still at 70% some nights)
Dwayne Wade (hurt enough to cry)
Ron Artest
David West (double double king last year)

I have yet to have boils or my family lose their life, but in terms of fantasy basketball which I have enjoyed for years, WHAT IS GOING ON?

"Though you slay me (and Yao, Ron, David, Dwayne, Lamar, Carlos and Shaun), I will trust you."