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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Psyclone PSC01 Source Selector - Review

A few weeks ago I talked about my purchase of the Psyclone PSC01 HD source selector to try and resolve my ongoing cabling and switching issues with my Sony ES DA333ES receiver. I needed to connect my Sony Playstation PS3, Sony DVD 5-Disc Changer, High-Definition(HD) TV Receiver, and my Nintendo Wii.

Now that I have installed and used the Psyclone PSC01 for a couple of weeks, I can offer a pretty good evaluation of the product. An important note is that I did not consider nor need a HDMI product, as my current Sony HD television and receiver do not support HDMI.

I purchased my Psyclone PSC01 off of eBay as a “refurbished” unit without a manual for ~$50 shipped. You can purchase one new from BestBuy for approximately $100-$120. The unit arrived in immaculate condition, and worked perfectly out of the box as described be the seller. The only item missing was the manual for the Psyclone PSC01 source selector, which was disclosed in the listing.

Setting up to install the Psyclone PSC01 took a few minutes to get setup. Basically, the job was to reroute all of the cables connected to my receiver and connect them to the Psyclone. The arrangement of the connections on the back of PSC01 is sufficiently spaced and organized to all for quick connection. I was able to reassemble the cabling in a few minutes.

One important point is that while all of the video connections are consistently component outputs, there is a mix in the audio area. For example, the Nintendo Wii does not offer a TOSLINK optical audio connector. For that reason, three of the devices use the TOSLINK optical connections, and the Nintendo Wii uses standard R/L audio cables.

After assembling the cables, I powered on the Psyclone PSC01 and it came up immediately. There was not a discernable difference in either audio or video quality through the source selector. I was very impressed with the initial performance of the device.

The only problem I had was that the Psyclone PSC01 did not up-convert the audio signals. So, when I turned on the Wii and used the source selector to switch to it, there was no audio coming from the TOSLINK output. There was a quick fix of course, just connect two L/R audio cables to a different channel on my receiver. A minor inconvenience, but it worked. It would be a nice feature to add the up-conversion.

The remote works, but it is a little cheesy. Either manually switching or using a universal remote is a much better option.

Channel labeling and selection is also a cinch. Just use the select button and the “joystick” and you can quickly label each channel to your liking.

Overall, the Psyclone PSC01 source selector gets a high rating in my book. It does everything I expected from it at a great price.


Simple Rob said...

Where can I find the manual for it? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Here is the Manual in PDF Format:
PSC01 PDF Manual