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Saturday, February 03, 2007

SteadyFast™ RV information now available!

This is a shameless plug for my dad’s new website for his new invention, the SteadyFast™ fifth wheel and trailer stabilizer. This has been journey of a couple of years for my dad in creation of this invention. It has gone through many prototypes and enhancements.

Awhile back, Ashley and I had a chance to experience the performance of the product on my parent’s recreational vehicle (RV) during a vacation to Pismo Beach. The stabilizer was attached to my parent’s 35-foot Sprinter HP 5th wheel and immediately Ashley and I noticed a huge difference from the previous stock jacks and pod-stabilizer that you traditionally have on a 5th wheel. When inside there was very little movement, even with people on opposite sides of the cabin. Our previous experience with an RV that size, was that the current products on the market simply did not do a good job of providing stability. The cabin always seemed to shake, even with the slightest movements.

Right now, the final version of stabilizer is being prepped for manufacturing and should be available soon. Visit my dad’s site, to check it out and send him a note. He would love to hear from you!