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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl Commercials - 1st Quarter Log & Review

Ah, it is the Super Bowl from Miami, Florida. What is the best part of the Super Bowl? The game? The parties? No, it's the commercials. So, for the Super Bowl -- here is a quick review and look at all the commercials in almost real time. TV advertisements & movie previews excluded.

Now for a quick review of the commercials from the first quarter:
Q1 - 14:47

  • Doritos - A guy eating Doritos and crashes a car while watching the girl. The firl then runs to see if he is ok, and stumbles to bump her head into the car. 5/10
  • Bud Light - One bud light left, two guys play paper, rock, scissors for it. On the throw down, one guy throws a rock at the other guy while he calls paper. The guy who threw the rock steals the Bud Light and walks off. 7/10
  • Blockbuster – Animals imitating using a computer with a ‘real’ mouse. Cute & funny, states that Blockbuster is online and in-store. 7/10

Q1 - 10:52

  • Sierra Mist - Beard comb over guy gets fired. Asks if he would make a good decision by drinking Sierra Mist. Boss (Actor that played "Phil” on the Ed TV Series) still fires him. As the guy walks of, he is wearing daisy duke cutoff jeans and roller skates. 6/10
  • Sierra Mist Karate, what happens when someone tries to steal your Sierra Mist. Karate instructor asks students. 4/10

Q1 - 6:50

  • Toyota Tundra, demonstration, 0-60, speed 7 safety. Sets up with a Toyota Tundra driving down a runway with a closing iron gate and then stops safely in time before it goes off the end of the runway and over a cliff. 5/10
  • FedEx. First moon office, floating in space, view from outer space with minor kinks, shipments to customers, FedEx delivery shows up quickly with spaceships, guy gets patted in back for signing up FedEx and floats off, asteroid hits him. 7/10
  • Bud Light commercial. Auctioneer is hired by the best man to do the wedding vows. That way, they get to the partying sooner to drink Bud Light. 8/10

Q1 - 4:34

  • Snickers. Car repair men working on a car. One guy cracks a Snickers and eats with half hanging out of the mouth. The other guy starts eating the other end. They end up kissing. They decide to do something manly, tear out chest hair. 4/10
  • Shick Quattro. Razor with four advanced blades. Not original for Super Bowl. 0/10

Q1 - 4:27

  • Chevorlet. Catchy tunes with various stereotypes and their cars. Hip-Hop, Country, Rap, Tuners, and more. Catchy. 7/10
  • Bud Light – Class on how to ask for a Bud Light in various locations. In the south, New York City, East LA. Then, how you respond when someone asks for a Bud Light - always say "No speak English." 6/10

Q1 – End of Quarter

  • – Shows off marketing with a bunch of girls dancing in a party atmosphere. Everyone wants to be in marketing. Seems like a new year, same old commercial. 2/10
  • Coca-Cola. Video game feel, guy gets a Coca-Cola from a mini market. Looks like he will car jack, but gives a coke away. Turns into a super dude gives money, a homeless person a coat, puts out a fire, catches a purse snatcher. Give a little love and it all comes back to you. 8/10