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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl Commercials - 2nd Quarter Log & Review

Ah, it is the Super Bowl from Miami, Florida. What is the best part of the Super Bowl? The game? The parties? No, it's the commercials. So, for the Super Bowl -- here is a quick review and look at all the commercials in almost real time. TV advertisements & movie previews excluded.

Now for a quick review of the commercials from the second quarter:

Q2 – 11:17

  • Budweiser. Dog looks into meat shop, licks lips. Shoed off by owner, barked at by a Rotweiller and looks depressed. Sees a Dalmatian on a Budweiser cart and gets splashed with mud and ends up with spots. That means he can jump up and join the wagon. 8/10
  • Garmin GPS. Guy in a car, ends up stopped. Turns into a superhero and knocks out the ‘map’ bad guy. Rockers in the background. Pretty lame. 2/10

Q2 – 9:17

  • Bunch of pens shooting at people, office people being attacked in the in jungle, like the TV show Lost. Nets of cable come down, water bottles swing and hit people. People trying to survive the work week. 5/10
  • Doritos. Checkout girl comments on each type of Doritos. Hot and spicy, etc. 4/10
  • Chevrolet Commercial. Guys taking off clothes and trying to clean their Chevy HHR car with 3 girls inside on a city street. 4/10

Q2 – 6:08

  • Bud Light, everyone slapping each other because fist bumping is out. Ends with a guy slapping his boss. 7/10
  • High blood pressure commercial. You gotta have heart. Overweight, high-cholesterol, Diabetes. Heart is getting beat up, got to the site to check on up your status. 6/10

Q2 – 6:02

  • GM. Robot assembler screws up at GM factory, dropping bolt. Is thrown out into the cold. Keeps looking for a job and sees all the Chevy cars going by and is sad. Jumps into the river and wakes up. Everyone at GM is obsessed with quality. 7/10
  • Coca-Cola. Various shapes of Coca-Cola bottles through history with their achievements in celebration of black history. 6/10

Q2 – 2:00

  • Sprint. Connectile Dysfunction, unable to connect to broadband internet when you want – works in twice the cities as Cingular. 6/10

Q2 – 0:39

  • Doritos. Bears vs. Colts, very little time left. Shows family and friends. More than a game, there is history. Enjoy the game from Doritos / Lays / Tostitos.

Q2 – 0:02

  • Coca-Cola to an old guy in a home. Does all the things he’s never done. Calls a lady and lets her know he’s loved her, Motorcycle, High-diving, running with the bulls in Spain. Wakes him up and leaves. 8/10