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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl Commercials - 3rd Quarter Log & Review

Ah, it is the Super Bowl from Miami, Florida. What is the best part of the Super Bowl? The game? The parties? No, it's the commercials. So, for the Super Bowl -- here is a quick review and look at all the commercials in almost real time. TV advertisements, old commercials & movie previews excluded.

Now for a quick review of the commercials from the third quarter:

Q3 – 07:30

  • eTrade. Getting robbed by your bank. Bank manager and tellers rob customers with nifty animal masks. Customers are taken by surprise when the bank manager announces the robbery. 6/10
  • Coca-Cola. Look inside a machine bottling your Coca-Cola. Animation with animals, and people marching around. Follows the bottle down the conveyor belt and out the machine. 7/10

Q3 – 07:24

  • Bud Light. Gorilla working on route and plan for 3-years. Bud Light delivery makes the same route every day. Convinces the younger gorilla to make a stab, however he gets distracted smiling from his cage while a zoo visitor snaps a photograph. 8/10
  • Revlon. Cheryl Crow came around on Not Fade Away hair coloring. Cheryl Crow using it on her new tour, color does not fade away. Revlon Colorist. 5/10

Q3 – 05:23

  • Men in a jungle, battling. Last one standing gets the promotion – gladiator fight in the promotion pit. Do more than survive the work week. 7/10
  • Taco Bell. Lions saying Carne Asada. Rolling their ‘R’ for Carne Asada burrito. 6/10
  • Van Heusen. Guys knowing how to dress. 4/10

Q3 – 03:20

  • Toyota. Taking off with 10,000 pounds up a hill and then the crane shifts down and stops 10,000 pounds on the downhill. 6/10
  • Emerald Nuts. When its 3:00 and your blood sugar is low, Robert Goulier mess with you. The Energy in Emerald Nuts keeps him away. 6/10

Q3 – 03:14

  • FedEx. FedEx ground. Cannot judge things by there name. Employees named by their reactions, Joy, Bob, Turkey Neck. FedEx ground is fast despite the name. 8/10
  • Nationwide Annuities. K-Fed making fries while dreaming about his rap commercial. A manager tells him to wake up and pay attention to the fries. Have to love Kevin Federline making fun of himself. 9/10
  • Dude with Ax and Bud Light, says it is a bottle opened to a couple in the car and they let him in. After that they run into another guy with a covered head and a chain saw.

Q3 – End of Quarter

  • Foot Locker. Dude smelling shoes. Kevin Garnett walks up and signs a guys shoes and his buddies face. The guy who bought the shoes is upset his new kicks are messed up.