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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl Commercials - 4th Quarter Log & Review

Ah, it is the Super Bowl from Miami, Florida. What is the best part of the Super Bowl? The game? The parties? No, it's the commercials. So, for the Super Bowl -- here is a quick review and look at all the commercials in almost real time. TV advertisements, old commercials & movie previews excluded.

Now for a quick review of the commercials from the fourth quarter:

Q4 – 13:54

  • Budweiser. Crabs go after Budweiser ice chest and put it under the sun to create a shadow of a giant crab. 7/10
  • A couple of older commercials from Prudential and Honda CR-V. 0/10

Q4 – 11:44

  • HP. Driving a motorcycle. Crazy ideas and implementations by Orange County Choppers, and how HP computers make that possible. 5/10
  • IZOD. Golfing in the snow by IZOD, then a couple diving into the ocean off a Yacht. I guess we are supposed to think that IZOD is a premium brand rather than LaCoste. 5/10
  • Budweiser. Don Shula & Jay-Z playing virtual football. Shula kicks a field goal and it is blown down by a lady. Jay-Z wins. 6/10

Q4 – 09:03

  • Flomax. Old commercial, not new for the Super Bowl. 0/10
  • eTrade. Things you can do with one finger. Baby, Elevator, Team, Make Toast, Identify murderer, reallocate entire portfolio, tell your broker where to go. 8/10

Q4 – 07:27

  • Person walking across hot coals with pie charts. Someone checks in for evaluation and gets a wedgie. Another guy with binder clips all over his body. Subject is asked to remove his shirt. 07/10

Q4 – 01:56

  • Honda. Cars driving past the gas pump without stopping. The entire model line. Has the most fuel efficient auto company in the United States. 04/10
  • Repeat of the earlier on of the girls in marketing. Same as the last two years. 02/10
  • Snapple. From Xian, China. EGCG is an ingredient in Snapple green tea that a backpacker is trying to track down. Anti-oxidant that boosts metabolism. Wise sage says he reads it from the back of the bottle. 06/10