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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Village Steak & Seafood – Restaurant Review – Hilton Hawaiian Village

While this was our third visit to the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki on the Island of Hawaii, we had yet to try the flagship steakhouse, Village Steak & Seafood. The main reason we had not tried it is that the prices at the steakhouse were relatively high compared with high end steakhouses like Chuck’s, Ruth’s Chris, and Morton’s. Perhaps the reason was because this was a resort property.

We ended up at the Village Steak & Seafood unexpectedly on this particular evening. We had reservations at the Hula Grill down the beach; however an evening downpour was in progress at the time we needed to leave with no signs of letting up. In addition, we had some Hilton Hawaiian Village dollars that we needed to spend which defrayed the cost.

The Village Steak & Seafood is relatively small and located at the base of the Tapa Tower. A small portion of seating inside and the remaining is outside just beyond the Tapa Pool and the Tapa Bar.

The wine list has a broad selection of bottled wine, but is fairly limited if you are looking for wine by the glass. For instance, only one option for each type – Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, etc.

The dinner menu is relatively broad selection of poultry, steaks, & seafood ranging in entrée price from $28 (chicken) to $62 (steak and lobster). A couple of examples include the 14oz Rib Eye steak at $41 and the $42 8oz filets. Entrées include selection of potato (french fries, baked potato, & mashed potatoes) and some vegetables. Any soups, salads or the highly acclaimed salad bar are extra and range from $8-13.

After some debate, I chose a repeat performance of my dinner at Chuck’s Steakhouse and elected for the Caesar Salad, and Rib Eye steak with the french fries. When the meal arrived, I was impressed with the presentation and the potatoes – but somewhat disappointed in the size and thickness of the cut of meat that I received.

The steak was cooked exactly to my request, but was somewhat lacking in flavor. Interestingly, the Rib Eye steak samples that they had served in the lobby the night before had a better taste and flavor. It was not awful, but the Rib Eye I had at Chuck’s a few nights before was far superior in everyway.

The best part of the meal was the ‘french fries’ which were more like potato wedges. They were an excellent side dish to the meal.

We chose not to sample the dessert menu, instead electing to head over to Lappert’s ice cream parlor across in the Rainbow Bazaar shopping area.

My opinion is that the Village Steak & Seafood restaurant is overpriced for the quality of the food you receive. While the meal and the service were not bad, they pale in comparison to both the atmosphere and food at Chuck’s Steakhouse in the Outrigger, or the soon to be opened Ruth’s Chris just opening down the street. However, if you do not want to leave the Hilton Hawaiian Village property – the Village Steak and Seafood restaurant is probably the best you will get at the hotel!