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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Almost missed my flight to Las Vegas today

I had quite an interesting morning today. I almost missed my flight from Los Angeles (LAX) to Las Vegas (LV). The reason? I had to check my luggage for this particular trip.

Generally, when I fly it is only for a day or two -- so I can cut it pretty close on timing at the airport because I can fly through security. (Thanks to my United Premier Executive miles) I usually just walk to the gate and board.

This time, I forgot about the need to check your luggage in 45 minutes before the flight leaves. Halfway to the airport I remembered that, luckily it was Sunday morning so I could drive faster than I should have. Once I made it to the Parking Spot, I dropped off my car and headed over to the airport.

Entering the terminal, I had 4 minutes to spare before the baggage check closed for my flight. There were some lines, but there were some Easy Check-in kiosks that were not being used. I asked a couple of people if they minded me using them and I checked in. As I went to check my bag -- I was informed that flight was closed for baggage. Uh-oh.

Luckily, at the next counter down there was a United representative that agreed with me that it should have allowed me to check in and made it happen for me. Otherwise, I would have been stuck at the airport standing by for the next flight.

Coincidentally, this actually the second time this has happened to me on the way to Las Vegas. Last time, I was not as fortunate however. I wonder what that says about heading to Las Vegas?